How Securus Technologies Helps Officers Solve Challenging Cold Cases

During a recent investigation, my supervisor informed me that a cold case dropped on his desk and it was going to me my next task to complete. I was informed that the case was getting buzz again because one of the suspects was back in jail, but he rarely if ever slipped up and talked to undercover officers plant red in the prison. I knew that this facility recently upgraded their inmate call monitoring system throughout, so this was where I was going to focus my attention.


This suspect was the only connection between a violent crime and finding the weapons that could connect the crime, but he was a tough nut to crack. Knowing Securus Technologies already installed the call monitor, and realizing the LBS software was now scanning every minute of every call those inmates make on jail phones, all I had to do was apply just the right amount of pressure to get him to spill his guts.


My plan was to show up at the prison and start taking to other inmates about the case, dropping hints about us closing in on the weapons, and looking to see if anyone would talk. My intent was to let the inmates get the word to our suspect, and hopefully he would react. As planned, that evening he thought he was safe because a dozen inmates were all on the phone at the same time, but the LBS software isolated his call and he was making sure that his brother was taking care of something.


Surveillance of the brother revealed he was at the suspects home and left minutes later with something concealed in his coat. Later after a search, we uncovered the evidence needed to keep our suspect behind bars and he is now awaiting a trial for the crime.


Securus Technologies Offering Unique Technology Solutions To Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities Across The Country And Abroad

Most people think that when a person is convicted of a crime and sent to prison, he cannot any more crime. But, working with the correctional facilities, I have to know the truth. Even in correctional facilities and prisons, the inmates often end up doing drugs or get caught in an inmate-inmate rivalry that can sometimes take lives too. The condition of the correctional facilities has not been good till Securus Technologies came along with its unique services.

Securus Technologies is a correctional facility technology that offers many different technology products to law enforcement agencies, public safety organizations and law enforcement agencies across the nation. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Those looking to hire their services can easily visit their center and take a look around. Their members can easily show their visitors the different technological products that they offer.

After their technology was installed in our facility, the crimes inside the facility have reduced to none in a few months. By monitoring the inmates, we can anticipate any crime being planned and are able to stop it even before it happens. The technology provided by them is crucial for our investigations and monitoring, and we cannot do without them. If I had to share one incident, it would be how we managed to bust a drug cartel within our facility that has to operate for many months. While the members denied any involvement, we were still able to charge them using the evidence we collected.

I recently read a press release where many of their clients have shared their feedback on the good work that the company is doing. I realized how they have touched the lives of the people and have helped in the prevention of crime which is important for any society to live peacefully.