Krishen Iyer About The Importance of Communication

Managed Benefits Services, formerly known as Quick Link Marketing, is a company specializing in leads and consulting, as well as marketing of health insurance and dental insurance. The company was founded by Krishen Iyer, a former student at San Diego State University, has deep experience in online marketing and client relations, as well as vast knowledge of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. During his stint at San Diego State University, Iyer earned a bachelor’s degree for public administration and urban development, which shaped his academic track record prior to him joining the market.


According to him, the core mission of his company is to create a link between firms that need marketing solutions to companies that are capable to provide them. He notes that the idea for the company came out as a result of the simple recognition of the lack of availability of such a service in the marketplace.


He considers himself to be very inquisitive, which helps him understand the perceptions of the people around him, pointing out that communication is a key aspect that is needed in order to bring an idea to life. Multiple opinions are necessary in order to shape up an idea, which is why communication efforts are imperative. Krishen Iyer considers communication to be a skill as well as a talent, and it is something that entrepreneurs need to constantly sharpen over time.


Another observation made by the longtime California resident is of the trend of the marketing analytics being more readily available, which helps them with their abilities to achieve the best results for their clients. A strategy that helped him grow his business being collecting data using advanced techniques, allowing them to develop specific strategies. This level of analysis of growth strategies reduced the level of risk and simultaneously enhanced the efficiency of their strategies.

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Jeremy Goldstein Is A Compensation Expert Advocating For A Knockout Clause

Companies have always struggled to find the proper level of compensation for their employees, especially since all individuals have their own opinions. Incentives in the form of stocks are the most popular option and have been for a very long time, though this may be changing in the near future. Thanks to compensation experts such as Jeremy Goldstein, there are new options on the horizon that could benefit both employees and companies when it comes to compensation methods. Jeremy Goldstein has been dealing with compensation law for many years and has his own law firm in New York known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein has recently published several articles that can be found on the web discussing what the possible options are in terms of incentives for companies to offer, but he says a knockout option may be the best course of action. This would allow employees to clearly see what a company offers in terms of their compensation throughout a year, instead of the complicated stock options that have unpredictable values at times. According to Jeremy Goldstein, most employees in business would rather have a higher salary throughout the year than have incentives in the form of stocks.


With the knockout rules in effect, companies would be able to take more control of the compensation methods they offer their employees. This would eliminate a load of paperwork, which saves time and money for the company. It also allows smaller companies that do not have a lot of assets to properly compensate their employees without going bankrupt. Jeremy Goldstein has been working as a lawyer for more than 15 years and has handled compensation issues for some of the biggest companies in the country today. He has thoroughly gone through the pros and cons, which he has outlined in his latest publications. The only significant drawback to this option is it would potentially allow companies to abuse the system and manipulate stocks for their own benefit and profits. Fortunately, this is highly unlikely c5nsidering it is illegal, so employees will ultimately receive more compensation week to week. Learn more: