Elena Ford Brings Her Passion And American Know-How To Her New Position At Ford Motor Co

Ford Motor Company is on a mission like no other time in its history to improve the customer experience from the dealerships on up. The driving force behind this mission is a current Ford executive, a forward thinker, a woman, and a member of the Ford family.

Elena A. Ford served the company as a Vice President until October of 2018, at which time she was promoted to a new role. Elena’s new position became official on November 1, and she is now the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Ford. Her accomplishments as VP have already helped to innovatively mark Ford’s place as a leading brand going into the future. In her new role, Elena works with the Ford dealers around the world to establish a new level of customer service and the entire buying experience. This is a newly created position in the organization. Elena Ford now reports directly to Joe Hinrichs, a top level Ford executive who currently serves as the President of Global Operations.

As the great-great-granddaughter of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford, Elena Ford has her own vision for the company as did her gifted ancestor before her. She strives to fulfill her vision for “No-Stress Driving and Car Ownership” for their valued customers. Elena”s grandfather is Henry Ford II, Ford’s current President. Her parents are Charlotte Ford and Stavros Niarchos. Elena is a graduate of New York University. She was born in May of 1966 in New York City.

Ford Motor Company is an American company, and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange. It was in 1903 that entrepreneur Henry Ford launched his company. Ford Motor now employees over 200,000 people worldwide. The company manufactures cars, SUVs, and a fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles under the brand names of Ford and previously Mercury, Jaguar, and Land Rover. The company is ranked as the second largest American auto maker, and globally it is the fifth largest. Ford’s headquarters are in Dearborn, Michigan.

Elena Ford undertakes her new position with the passion to reach new levels of customer satisfaction for the company. She was largely instrumental in the launch of the FordPass app. She understands the challenges and the opportunities that belie the automotive industry, Elena has proven herself to be a highly competent executive leader, and the company and its employees expect good things for Ford Motor Company in the future.


Alex Pall and His Insight, Wisdom, Stories from Interview Magazine

One of the most insightful, factual and comprehensive profile of the EDM duo band The Chainsmokers is the one from Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine. It is where Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, the duo behind The Chainsmokers, shared some of the things they learned in their success as an EDM producer. There’s a lot there that talks about they’re able to come out with their ideas, how they started and how they were able to sustain the kind of success that they enjoy today.


One of the things that Pall shared in the interview is the one about how The Chainsmokers, as it is known today, started. He shared that growing up, he was already doing DJ work. He would go around Maine and learn from actual experience how it is to play EDM in public. It’s accurate to say that he was passionate about it. On the other hand, living quite away from where Pall was, Taggart was also carving his own way in the world of DJ. He was already learning a lot about the DJ industry in New York, and when he heard about Pall looking for a new member for The Chainsmokers, Taggart immediately sought the opportunity to meet him. And the rest is history.


It’s also in the article that people can learn how the two immediately hit it off in their DJ music production skills. Together, they mixed beats and brainstormed on tracks and uploaded them to various music sites. In fact, Taggart agreed that it was indeed love at first site. They were just meeting up to introduce each other and then they immediately connected.


The article also explored some of the challenges that The Chainsmokers faced all throughout its run. For example, the great challenge today of Pall and Taggart is to able to carve a different image of EDM. EDM used to be just about funky beats, alluring and catchy hooks and everything else that would bring people to dance. Their challenge now is to make it more than that. They want to boost EDM to become a platform of serious art. And fortunately, they’re in the right track.



The Rise of Louis Chenevert

The leadership in an organization determines the success of a firm. Leadership entails creating a conducive environment for your employees, ensuring there is teamwork among them, as well as investing in empowering them.

Louis Chenevert is among the wealthiest and best leaders that ever existed in the industry. He studied Production Management. This means helping the firm produce the most out of its resources, and at the same time minimize on their costs. This is exactly what Louis wanted to do with his life. He wanted to help improve companies.

After school, he was employed in General Motors. It is in this firm that Chenevert’s foundation was built. He stayed in the company for 14 years. He worked in almost all divisions in the firm before leaving the organization. This gave him experience on how all the units of the company should operate.

After 14 years in General Motors, he shifted to Pratt & Whitney. The company was different; it was specializing in the manufacturing of the engines. It is worthwhile to note that the firm was a subsidiary of the UTC. The division that Chenevert was assigned tremendously improved, which lead to his promotion to the President of the firm.

UTC could not help but see the changes that Chenevert was bringing about in the firm. They nominated him as their CEO. This is possibly the best decision that they ever made for the firm. This was the beginning of success and prominence of the firm.

Chenevert made meaningful deals for the company like buying the Goodrich Company. The deal took long, there were many negotiations, but at the long-run, they were able to purchase the firm at $16 billion. He also bought the GTF engine at $10 billion from the Pratt & Whitney. The purchases helped the firm gain so much leverage that they became the most profitable firm in the state. The shares of the firm improved by approximately 200%.

Final Verdict

Louis Chenevert worked his way up in the corporate world. He acquired all the positions he had from his efforts and hard work. It was through the determination to make a difference.


Making it Easier For the Customer With Talk Fusion

In order to be successful as a businessman, the best thing to do is think like a customer. The most important thing that a customer is looking for in a company is a company that makes it easy for them. One of the worst things to have to deal with as a customer is a company that does everything it can to make everything seem complicated. Everyone knows one of those pretentious companies that try to bog everyone down with jargon and talk in circles so that they can make even the simplest thing sound complicated to them. This is supposedly one of the ways to get the customer to depend on them. Unfortunately, this is more likely to turn the customer off these days.


One thing that the marketing tool known as Talk Fusion does is make sure that everything is easy and simple for the customer. While customers do expect to be served, they also want to feel like they are smart enough to figure things out with the company. Talk Fusion allows businessmen to make the customer feel more comfortable with what is being sold to them. One of the reasons for the added comfort is that there is images as opposed to vocabulary.


With customers that are on the email list, it is important to make sure that they are not intimidated at the idea of reading your message. One thing that could turn them off is if the message is too wordy with very little if any images to back it up. A video email is a much better approach to customers that are interested in any new products from the company. With video email and video marketing, it is much easier for people to teach the customer things about the product in a way that will make them comfortable with using the product. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion