Ted Bauman shares his experience from all around the globe in his publications

Ted Bauman was born in United States, Washington DC and bread in the eastern shore of Maryland. His family migrated to South Africa when he was in his youth. He attended the Cape Town University where he majored in History and Economics. He went on to have one of the most thriving careers.

Ted Bauman’s 25-year career in South Africa and around the world

After graduating from the University, Ted decided to maintain his residency in South Africa where he worked for two and a half decades. He ventured into the nonprofit sector where he worked as a fund manager for projects aimed towards developing cost-efficient housing.

While still in S.A, published several global journals on topics such as microfinance, environmental and small enterprise development and urbanization. He wrote for the South African Press, the Cape Times, the Cape Argus and several other publishing houses in Cape Town and other cities in South Africa. He also partnered with a renowned South African author and wrote the book where to stack your cash “legally.” Read this article at Gold-Eagle

Ted has also taken on the roles of consultant, researcher, and writer on matters of urban planning, finance, and housing for clients in the United Nations, Organizations and agencies that issue grants as well as the government of South Africa. In 2008, he began working for HABITAT as the director for their global housing projects. This job took him out of South Africa and allowed him to travel to more than 75 countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

Ted Bauman at the Bayan Hill Publishing Firm

In September 2013, Ted Bauman was hired by Bayan Hill as a senior editor. Owing to his experience in consultancy, finance, and research, Ted Bauman began writing about investment, asset protection, privacy issues and global migration affairs. He came up with the idea of the weekly newsletter called the Bauman Letter.

The Bauman Letter is a newsletter that is written and edited by Ted Bauman. In the letter, Ted shares the business and investment lessons that he has gotten over the years during his numerous travels. He also gives his readers firsthand information on low-risk investment opportunities after extensive research.

Other than the Bauman Letter, Ted is also a contributor and writer of the daily newsletters called the sovereign investor daily where he gives financial advice and solutions to economic crisis. He is also a contributor to the Plan B Club, and the Alpha Stock alert.

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