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Matt Badiali, then commodity and natural resources expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company, would tell you that he would have never seen himself in the finance industry at the start of his career. He originally had plans to be a career scientist and academic. In fact, before his first job in the finance industry he was actually a professor of geology at the University of North Carolina who was also working on his Ph.D. An industry expert in finance contacted Matt in the hopes that he could recruit him for a team of researchers that would help create investment advice regarding the commodities industry. Follow Matt on

Today Matt Badiali is most well-known for his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist where he gives advice to his nearly 100,000 readers on investment opportunities in the commodities and natural resources sectors. He has managed to generate significant levels of returns for both his personal investment portfolio as well as the investment portfolios of his many readers. He is also a prolific publisher for several blogs and has been interviewed for his expertise in the commodities market.

Just recently Matt Badiali published a post in regards to several metals that he believes are poised to generate significant returns in the coming year. In 2017 the S&P 500 experienced a nearly 20% increase in price and was able to post positive returns for 12 months in a row which has not occurred since 1990. Although the S&P 500 experienced significant growth during 2017, these three metals saw even better performance during the same year.

These metals are lead, zinc, and copper. They each posted a return of 26%, 30%, and 30% respectively. Although these commodities solve such strong performance, very few investors took advantage of the opportunity last year. This may be due in part to the bear market that occurred in the commodities markets and in particular the base metals sector, from 2011 until 2015. It was not until 2016 that this sector started to show signs of growth. Visit to know more.

As of right now, the indications are that the prices of these commodities will only continue to increase in 2018. The biggest reason behind this is that there is a lack of supply of these metals. Due to the weak performance over the last five years, several mining companies had to shut down mines around the world. This has obviously decreased supply for these commodities. As the demand for metals around the world continues to increase prices should continue to rise in turn. See more:


Matt Badiali: Resource Investor And Investment Advisor

Zinc is a valuable metal and is experiencing what’s known among investors as a bull market. This is a market in which prices are rising and thus investment and purchase are encouraged.  Badiali is one of the most knowledgeable investors in natural resources and has been kindly talking about this for some time to encourage average people to gain what is in many cases a life-changing amount of wealth. His admiration for the metal is visible in his video discussing the metal. He firmly believes that investors in Zinc will experience reliable returns and that investment in Zinc is a rational decision and since he understands skepticism about investments he openly shared the evidence that has convinced him to believe what it is that he says about the metal.

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Matt Badiali is a highly personable & knowledgeable investor and geologist who has visited and invested in natural resources in Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Turkey, and other places worldwide. Mr. Badiali is also someone who is dedicated to informing and empowering average Americans financially which is why he has coined the term Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks are investments in American energy producing companies, specifically in Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs which pay out massive amounts of their income to investors. Those payments are themselves what Matt refers to as Freedom Checks which come in monthly or quarterly payments.

Matt Badiali earned a Bachelors of Science from Penn State and a Masters Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He has been a geologist for a drilling company and a consultant to an environmental company before he began writing and advising potential investors through his newsletter the Real Wealth Strategist which began in May of 2017.

Matt’s work and his expertise have enabled him to write for a variety of publications one of which is the famous Banyan Hill Publishing where he & other experts write about investment, asset protection, & entrepreneurship. He is a senior editor at the famous and well-respected organization where his writing has protected, empowered, and enriched thousands of investors. Read this article at to know more about Matt Badiali

Matt Badili is an active user and contributor to social media where he shares his perspectives with those who follow him. On Twitter and Facebook, he shares his writings on various metals and their prices, as well as engaging those who engage him. Clearly Matt understands that the key to being a well-known and well-liked advisor is engagement with those who’ve got questions and those who want to know what natural resources should be invested in.


An Impressive Career Story for Matt Badiali

An Impressive Career Story for Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a man of many achievements and he is not through. Matt is still in the quest to accomplish more and impact the society positively. The journey began after completion of his degree in earth science at Penn State University. Matt is also a holder of masters in science and geology. He concluded his education with a PhD.

After concentrating on disciplines of science, Matt decided to take a different direction with his career. In 2004, a friend introduced him to finance. Though this friend knew Matt was a scientist, he chose Matt as a colleague. The friend knew Matt is a brilliant person and a suitable peer. The two embarked on some work to identify favorable ways for an average investor to invest.

Matt may also have been influenced into finance by his father. He admired how his parent worked hard in investment. After working with his friend, Matt decided to take this path permanently. He was particularly motivated by how his work would help people. Since he made that decision, Matt has never regretted choosing the finance field. View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

While helping other people in financial decisions, Matt thrived as well. Most of the people Matt has helped have benefited greatly. Since Matt cannot reach very many people physically, he devised a method of increasing his audience. Today, Matt authors a newsletter at the Banyan Hill called the Real Wealth Strategist. Audiences have appreciated its existence by reading every issue. This newsletter mainly discusses viable investments in natural resources. Matt is really good at this topic because of his background in science and geology.

When Matt is offering advice on investment and financial matters, it is not just from making statements. He makes an effort of being hands-on. Matt travels to the source and derives his knowledge and information there. For example, he will travel to areas where potential natural resources are. Visiting these places gave him better insight.

Matt has traveled to many places in the world where there are mines and oil areas. He takes time to talk to experts and understand the entire context. Having a journalistic aspect in his work has made Matt a meticulous person. He knows people rely on his information so, he has to be meticulous. Looking back how far he has come, Matt is grateful to his friend. He came to know this path because of him. Matt is still determined and looking forward to achieving more in his future.

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