Betsy DeVos Has Always Supported Parents’ Rights In Regards To Freedom Of Educational Choice

Betsy DeVos decided to let transgender and gay employees who work for the Education Department know, ahead of time, about the fact that President Trump was going to rescind a federal policy that made it ok for transgender students to choose whatever bathroom they wanted to use. While it was reported that she, herself, had been opposed to the ruling, she didn’t let on to the public that she was having any kind of disagreement with Trump. When the policy was officially announced, she was on the scene and spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference. These events may have led some to believe that she is going to be a weaker part of the administration, but those who come from her home-state of Michigan know that she is a savvy political scrapper who works behind the scenes.


When Betsy DeVos first showed up in Washington, she didn’t have a lot of experience working inside of the government, and she doesn’t really have a history of being involved with President Trump either. Others have pointed out that she has never attended a public school, herself, and that this is true for her children, as well. Those closest to her say none of this really matters, because she will be making new connections and learning how to do her job soon enough. She has had plenty of experience in Michigan, where her husband, Dick DeVos, ran for governor and where she has fought for tax dollars to pay for private school tuition.


Betsy DeVos has, in fact, been working for years to win the approval from the government for tax dollars to be used to pay for vouchers that allow parents to choose the school that their children attend. It has been her mission to enable poor families to have the same choices that wealthier families do in regards to picking out the school that they want their kids to go to.


Along with non-profit private schools, she has also supported the right for tax dollars to be used for for-profit private schools. In Detroit, her hard work has led to the city being the home of the nation’s densest population of private and charter schools. While many people are afraid that Betsy DeVos, as the Secretary of Education for the United States, will work to undermine public schools and work to shut them down, she has openly stated that she expects the majority of children to continue to go to public schools.


Betsy DeVos was raised in Holland, Michigan and studied at Calvin College where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. She has participated in Michigan politics supporting the conservative party since 1982 and has worked to raise funds for conservative causes over the years, as well. It is her greatest hope that the United States will become a country that supports the rights of parents to choose the school that their children attend regardless of the zip code they live in, and as the new Secretary of Education for the United States, she is well on her way to making her goals a reality.


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