The Rise and Rise of the OSI Industries

The OSI Group has undergone spontaneous changes ever since its inception in the food processing industry. A major part of the innovation accustomed to the brand has been attributed to David McDonald. David McDonald has over thirty years of experience working under the OSI Industries.

Immediately McDonalds finished college, he was assimilated into the fir as the project manager. Over the course of the three decades, he has managed to climb up the ranks to his current post of Chief Operating Officer.

When it comes to the food industry, the OSI Group has surely left an indelible mark. The beginning of the firm was as a corner butcher shop ran by an immigrant in Chicago. During the mid-century, the firm has picked up the pace as a regional meat supplier for the McDonalds chain of restaurants. It maintained this partnership and currently it has been the official meat supplier for McDonalds for a long time.

During the last quarter of the century, the OSI Industries has managed to transcend into new ventures with presence in the United States and also internationally.

The COO of the OSI Group grew up in Iowa in the northeast farm. He enrolled at the Iowa State University with a degree in anima science. He was an awardee of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

Even after graduating, McDonald has a strong commitment to the Iowa State Community. He plays a crucial and active role in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative of the university. Some of his charity works includes contributions to the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship.

A major stint played by McDonald currently in the OSI Industries is the expansion plans in China. He is also the mastermind behind the OSI Group’s acquisition of the Baho Foods and consequently the Creative Foods Europe. As an expert in food logistics, McDonald has garnered a wide experience working alongside Governmental agencies, retailers and local suppliers.

Forbes recently listed the OSI Industries as the 63rd largest private firms in 2018. It also estimated the total revenue from the OSI Industries at $6.1 billion. The firm has employed over 20,000 employees in the 65 facilities with a growing presence in over 17 countries.

About OSI Industries:

OSI Industries: Paving the way in how food is served making it better for all

The OSI industries formerly known as Otto & Sons is a staple in the American immigrant food industry. Since partnering to be a supplier of McDonald’s back in the 1940s when it was just a budding restaurant operation, they went from a local family-owned shop to a global meat supplier in a matter of years. They specialized in supplying the ever-growing number of regional McDonald’s restaurants thus becoming McDonald’s main meat source supplier. They have been running hand in hand since the beginning of McDonald’s franchise inception.. OSI industries is one of the most recognized brands in the food processing industry and manufacturing industry.

As OSI grew over the next two decades, changes began to happen in the McDonald’s food preparation plan. Meaning, McDonald’s wanted to supply each store with consistent product, since hamburgers were and currently are the main staple of the restaurant chain, OSI group were charged with a huge task to provide a higher level of timely consistency coupled with affordability and timely delivery of the meat product to all of the budding restaurants. In the 1960s they begin to Quick freeze the meat. By adding liquid nitrogen it provided away for the meat to be frozen quickly and thawed out quickly once the meat hit the grill. The process called quick freezing or cryogenic freezing allowed for additional food expansion in the same arena to eventually include non meat items.

The growth between the two companies became widely known as they expanded throughout the world and making transportation of frozen goods even easier to transport to each restaurant and have fresh food, consistent delivery service for each customer. OSI industries has come a long way from being a family butcher shop to being the number one technically savvy food manufacturer and meat producer.

As OSI industries begin to grow they were eventually approached by the owners of McDonald’s to combine into a joint venture making McDonald’s the owner and the CEO of OSI coming on to join into the McDonalds family while running the part of the OSI distribution. Eventually they went on to add in bacon, chicken, sausage links as some of their product offerings. Additionally adding in non-meat flash frozen products as well. Over the years, they have expanded into several countries and making it easier to keep the production consistent with delivery high quality meat into countries like Europe, Japan and Germany to name a few OSI industries group will be around for centuries to come turning the meat processing industry into a better well ran cycle that provides quality meats to restaurants we consumers use on a regular basis.

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