An Insight Into Litigation With Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In a recent article, the experienced attorney explained what it entails to become an attorney. It involves representing real criminals, individuals and even real estate firms.

The most common issue that a litigation attorney will have to deal with from time to time is filing personal injury claims. He also notes that many people often confuse civil law and criminal law. In all these cases, it’s the responsibility of every attorney to prepare for the cases. Karl Heideck explains that most of the cases and probably 90 percent of the cases never go to court. The defendant and the plaintiff often settle the case outside the court. In criminal cases, Karl Heideck explains that it’s a common practice for defendants to take a plea deal.


Karl Heideck explains that as a litigation attorney, you can work for a big firm or you can choose private practice. As for the big firms, there are litigation departments within the firm which are then subdivided into different departments. For instance, there are departments that specialize with patents; others specialize in real estate while the rest may specialize with business. Despite the notion that many civil litigation attorneys practice privately, there are some who work for the government. However, these are people who have deep knowledge in other areas of the law. In most cases according to, they practice as district attorneys or as prosecutors. Karl Heideck also mentions that big corporations have their litigation department. The same is true for financial institutions such as banks.

According to Karl Heideck, the duty of a litigator is to ensure that justice is served. This entails picking a new case and conducting some investigation about the case. This may include finding important documents such as medical records and witness records. Karl Heideck then says that it’s the responsibility of the attorney to exchange documents with the opposing counsel and find out whether they can reach an agreement before going to court. Where the case cannot be settled outside the court, the litigation attorney will file the case in a court of law. Depositions and pretrial conferences are also conducted by the litigation attorney.

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