Who is Jeff Yastine and What Are the Kennedy Accounts?

Jeff Yastine may have studied journalism at the University of Florida, but today, he is a thought leader when it comes to investments and growing wealth. Jeff is a regular contributor to Medium.com where he writes about investment opportunities, wealth management, cybersecurity and more as well as the editor of Banyan Hill’s Total Wealth Insider. Visit the website jeffyastineguru.com to learn more.

Jeff Yastine is a significantly qualified and experienced financial journalist and stock market investor. Before becoming an investor, Jeff Yastine had the opportunity to interview some of the top names in economics, business, and finance including but not limited to Sir Richard Branson, Frank Perdue, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Warren Buffet, Wayne Huizenga of Waste Management and Michael Dell of Dell Computers.

Jeff Yastine, however, has become very well-known for a video he released covering whether the Kennedy Accounts are real or just another get rich quick scheme.

So What are the Kennedy Accounts?

The Kennedy Accounts are accounts that were set up under John F. Kennedy during his presidency in an effort to keep Americans investing or otherwise to “Get America Moving Again” as its economic status at the time was dim. According to reports, the Kennedy Accounts under IRS Code 85 allow for individuals to directly invest in companies via what is known as DSPPs or Direct Stock Purchase Plans. This allows not only for more people to invest, but it also for American companies to rake in a lot of cash!

This was the whole idea. Keep American’s investing in American companies and help drive the economy back into the green! Of course, the Kennedy Accounts aren’t something that Wall Street wants people to know about as it could stand to cut their profits drastically. Visit: https://kennedyaccounts.com/