James Dondero, the Entrepreneur with an Impact

It never a typical day for James Dondero because there is always work to do and many activities to carry out for various organizations in Dallas. As a known Philanthropists and entrepreneur, his recent involvement was with the Dallas zoo, to which he made a donation of $ 1 million for the construction of a new habitat for the hippos. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

James Dondero is an individual who is enthusiastic about enriching Dallas and on several occasions uses his money to make improvements that are needed in the city. He is one of the founders of Capital Management LP, which has made donations to charities such as the Education is Freedom and to other organizations.

James Dondero together with Mary Jolonick were the founders of Highland Dallas Foundation. James Dondero values Mary’s insight on the organizations that require his contribution. The foundation they developed together has been offering financial aid to veterans, students as well as civic organizations in the Dallas region. He has also collaborated with Linda Owen, who is the former CEO at Woodall Rodgers Foundation, and they both contribute funds to donate to various non-profit organizations. Together they make sure that Texas has the funds it needs for renovations that can enhance the life of the people.

James Dondero has previously worked in JPMorgan Chase and American Express. Because of his entrepreneur mindset, he became one of the founders of Highland Capital Management, a company that focuses on private stocks and hedge funds. He utilizes the expertise he has cultivated over the years to impact the financial world.

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The charitable efforts by James Dondero have been successful in various organizations across the city. He is an entrepreneur whose is committed to acts of philanthropy that bring the best possible outcome to the greatest number of people. The financial means he has offered has been the positive force in the community of Dallas. His impact is not only felt in the local community but also in other countries by making donations to various charities in various parts of the world. James Dondero dedication is to assist students who have the interest of having better education. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.