Introducing OSI Group President David McDonald

David McDonald was born and raised in the State of Iowa. From early childhood, David McDonald grew up on a farm. In 1983 he went to Iowa State University where he studied and graduated around 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. McDonald was hired at OSI Group right of college as a project manager, and working his way up over thirty years to becoming COO and President of OSI Group. He is still an active member of his old University where his two eldest children currently are attending. He was part of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity and was given a couple of awards from his old University for his outstanding academic career and volunteer work. McDonald offers internships with OSI for students of Iowa State University.

David McDonald and the OSI Group made many strides in the world as one of the global suppliers of food production and food services. The net worth of OSI Group is around 6.1 billion dollars, ranking it in the 50s on the Forbes list of U.S largest privately owned companies. McDonald is steadily leading the company to expand around the globe. He had combined a Dutch company, Baho Foods, to become one entity to help with the selling of food and processing them all at the convenience of the customers. He still continues to expand in China and with interest of other European countries; he feels that having regions that are close to those customers is an easier and better solution.

David McDonald was there when the company was rapidly growing across the country. He was hired on as an intern by the CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin. When the company made its first partnership with Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994, it was the start of many expansion projects. They opened processing food facilities in India, Japan, and the UK with the purchasing of Flagship Europe. David McDonald wants to maintain the philosophy on sustainability for food that comes from OSI. With that philosophy behind him and OSI under his guidance, the company will continue to grow. McDonald motions that the company does not brag either about their success, it is the services that will gain traction with old and new customers.

OSI Food Solutions Is The Solution In Food Services

The foodservice industry is very demanding as well as very profitable. There are countless food providers in the US and around the world. One of the very best food providers is known to many as OSI Food Solutions.

This Aurora-based food provider has a commitment to excellence because its supplies a number of organizations, including large grocery stores, small bodegas, schools and other food retailers. This particular company has unparalleled resources and reach. Thanks to its make-it-happen mentality, OSI now provides custom-food solutions. Yes, this is true, and the company can follow the client’s instructions for creating the best end product.

Every type of food can be purchased from OSI, which falls under every major food group. OSI Food Solution is the epitome of foodservice success because it has food product capabilities, has food process engineering capabilities and has food safety capabilities. Some of the strictest safety protocols are being implemented here, and there isn’t anything that’s left to chance. Baking, frying and sautéing only scratch the surface to what this company can do. Some of the most advanced equipment is being used by the food specialists. At every one of OSI’s major locations, there are R&D specialists that are present. OSI Food Solutions has plants all over the globe in:

And in 10 other countries

This food provider is so big to where it has grown into its own enterprise. This enterprise has an internal website that tracks and shares its advanced equipment. OSI Food Solutions has certainly found the most cost-effective ways to produce the products that its clients truly want. Let’s give a toast to OSI Food Solutions, and the new year looks to be a good one.

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Brief History Of OSI Group And McDonalds

Eight months ago, in the face of a multitude of leaders in the field of the Chicago hotel, a senior executive at the OSI Group McDonalds corporation, praised the head of the meat vendor for his commitment to the” McFamily” giant. KFC’s fast-food chain brands cut off their ties to the OSI, but OSI Group McDonalds history is more deeply woven.

Since then, Sheldon Lavin has become president of OSI, and has changed the OSI Group McDonalds hamburger supplier into a global supplier of foods to a wide range of catering and retail brands.

In order to meet the demands of growth, the OSI Group was interested in the U.S. poultry company in 2006. In Germany, the OSI Group joined the company with the EDEKA, which is a common chain of supermarkets. The OSI Group has been able to expand beyond the frozen and comfortable meat to produce food, marinade, and other goods in Europe.

OSI Group McDonalds quickly moved to long-term supplier partners key Foods and Cargill Inc. OSI and the Golden State both have a deep link with McDonald’s, which stretches from the 1950s, when they began to deliver food to McDonalds.

In 2010, OSI opened a new plant for beef production in Japan, which further expanded the scope of its Asian Pacific operations. Two other plants in China were included in the year as well – the daosi-integrated poultry company with the Doyoo Group and the Henan process factory, which is a leader in the field of Energy and Environment (LEED) – a certified facility. In 2014, the OSI set up separate joint companies in the UK with the Germany and Pickstock with the supermarket string EDEKA.

The OSI Group also provides products such as sandwiches and pizza, to the main brands of food and retail brands. OSI was also one of McDonald’s’ s’ first partners when the fast-food business was moving to China.

The flagship Food Group specializes in mayo and a variety of other sauces, which brings a new stock of the marketplace to the profile of OSI. The OSI Group provides food and retail services to brands around the world as it is an international supplier.

With 14,339 jobs in the field of food and beverage production published by hundreds of leading companies and recruiters in the industry, OSI has developed to be the most important food and drink sector-based work on the web. The British Flagship European was renamed as Creative Food in Europe after being bought by OSI in 2017.

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OSI Group: The Meat Empire

It is very seldom to come by a company that is able to grow their brand and keep their humble morals that got them first started. It is very seldom for a company to have over a century of progress. OSI Group is the fundamental example of what any company can amount to. They have come a long way since their founding one hundred years ago. But they still manage to create a very popular product with great quality. Keeping the quality and consistency in their products has caused this company to become a leading brand.

OSI Group got its start as a small butcher shop. The butcher shop was a family ran business. During the early 1900s, many immigrants were flooding to the United States. An immigrant landed in Chicago, Illinois. He was determined and destined to making an honest living in his new country. The butcher shop became a success. Many people traveled from far over to buy his meats.

Throughout the mid 1900s, the family business got handed down to the next generation. This generation had an even greater vision for what they wanted their small family business to become. When McDonald’s needed a meat supplier, to supply their newly built midwestern franchises, they knew they had to try out this meat market. Once this family business began creating the classic McDonald hamburgers, the family ran business was birthed into OSI Group.

OSI Group is now in over one dozen countries with about five dozen facilities. Twenty thousand people are employed by the meat supplier. The company only has plans of future growth. The company has been able to maintain its longevity because the company knows the importance of keeping their customers happy. Their customers consist of chain restaurants, small businesses, retail brands and other needing to supply food. They keep their customers happy with creating products that are tasty and produced with the best ingredients. The company has expanded from being solely a meat producer to offering their customers healthy non-meat options.

Although this brand has accomplished many things, their future is very bright. The meat empire will be spending the next few years making sure they are a sustainable company. They want their company owned facilities to have no harmful effects on the environment. They want their customers to know they take full responsibility for their actions. OSI Group will be the leading sustainable food company.

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