Fashion Business Mover And Shaker, Zeco Auriemo, Has Already Left An Indelible Stamp On Brazil’s Fashion Market And Fashion Sense

JHSF is a real estate company, catering to the high echelon sector of Brazilian society. José Auriemo Neto, known by intimate associates as Zeco, ascended to the seat of power in the family company prior to the age of thirty. However, Zeco was already getting his feet wet, working at the family-owned business before he got out of his teens.

Although the company was launched in 1972, JSFC didn’t delve deeply into its most profitable specialty, high-end real estate, until after the mid-nineties. One enterprise in particular, the Cidade Jardim shopping mall, put an indelible stamp on the Brazilian world of commerce and fashion, refer to (

Before its birth, it was Zeco Auriemo who believed wholeheartedly in what many considered a risky gambit, a luxury compound, comprised of an elite shopping center, academies and other residential and commercial enterprises, built on 80,000 plus square meters (approximately 861 square feet) in São Paulo, Brazil, in the region encompassing the Marginal Pinheiros expressway, a highly significant roadway, linking north and south Brazil. The result was Brazil’s first open air mall, carrying International luxury apparel names, such as Pucci, Valentino, Hermés, and René Caovilla.

It’s because of Cicade Jardim shopping mall that Zeco Auriemo is credited with introducing Jimmy Choo to Brazilian feet.

As ogled as a Kardashian, Zeco Auriemo made newsprint late last year when he visited the mall he is also CEO of to have dinner with his wife Mariana, the Italian fashion designer, René Caovilla, and a host of star-studded names in fashion, such as Donata Mereilles, the style director of Vogue, Brazil. The name of Zeco Auriemo is now so inextricably linked with fashion that the 2018 listing of the 500 most notable movers and shakers in the fashion market, the Business of Fashion (BOF)500 has his name on it.