Paul Mampilly: From Wall Street To Main Street

During an interview, Pail Mampilly sat down to reveal his cause of why he chose to quit working for billion dollar brands to work for average Americans. It is clear to see where the financial advisor passion lies. And that passion lies with spreading the knowledge of what financial investments can do not only for the rich but for those working themselves up the ladder of financial stability and upward mobility. Visit the website to learn more.

Once Paul Mampilly ended his time on Wall Street, he started working for Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is an online publication with a variety of financial and investment advice from a host of industry experts. The website has over 400,000 daily readers. Readers are attracted to the site because of the wealth of advice and strategies it offers to investors. Some of the topics the publication covers is commodities, option plays, undervalued companies and small cap and mid cap stocks. The website breaks down all of these for average people looking to invest who many not have the means to get a sit down with Wall Street’s biggest financial advisors.

Paul Mampilly is one of the many experts at Banyan Hill Publishing. His passion for wanting to help the average person drew him to working for the website. Since he has been senior editor he has helped thousands of people who are not apart of the top one percent gain a better understanding of investment. Putting the needs of the readers first is what the publication prides itself on. His writings specialize in growth investments and technology companies. Paul Mampilly writes three of the website’s newsletters: Profit Unlimited, Extreme Fortune and True Momentum. These three newsletters empower readers with recommended stocks to invest in, low risk investment options and an overview of the top ten companies that have promising outlooks on returning investors a return at the 1,000 percent level.

The investment analyst today can be seen on CNBC and Bloomberg TV giving his expertise out to million of Americans looking to invest. Paul Mampilly has had a lot of accomplishments on Wall Street and now his advice is gracing the screens of tens of thousands of Banyan Hill Publishing readers on a daily basis. His passion for helping the common person excel with investments has led and will continue to lead him to much respect as an investment analyst.



Ted Bauman Helps Banyan Hill Publishing Inform Readers

400,000 readers venture to Banyon Hill Publishing’s website every day. A significant percentage of readers subscribe to premium content in order to learn more. Editor Ted Bauman handles three newsletters including one appropriately dubbed The Bauman Letter. Why do so many people wish to read the material produced by Banyan Hill Publishing?

Essentially, investors want to discover actionable information. They want information to help them make better financial decisions. They want to know more about the world of finance. Driving their motivations would be the clear goal of attaining financial freedom. The theme of financial freedom has been a hallmark of Banyon Hill Publishing since its early days of being founded as the Sovereign Society. Financial freedom allows people to live full lives. Sound investing and proper financial decisions lead in the direction of such freedom. Read more about Ted at

To choose appropriate stocks as investment vehicles supports the cause of financial freedom. As a stock increases in value, so does net worth. As editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s Alpha Stock Alert, Ted Bauman understands information about stocks must be well-crafted in order to help get the necessary information across to readers. The readers likely wish to be well-informed investors about stocks and other assets. If they lacked such a desire, they wouldn’t be subscribing to a newsletter designed to expand their awareness about the subject of stocks.

The newsletters edited by Ted Bauman and the other content created by Banyan Hill Publishing covers a wide range of topics. Through accessing the material published by Banyan Hill, readers gain access to a variety of perspectives on numerous topics.

The readers can review opinions and insights from financial experts. This may prove to be a huge help to the readers. While enthusiastic about finance and investing, the readers aren’t experts. Being able to read content crafted by experts such as Ted Bauman can prove eye-opening to them.

Growing and protecting wealth remain two goals any investor, expert or not, embraces. The material presented in the Banyon Hill Publishing website and related premium newsletters hopes to expand reader horizons on how to attain these goals. Informational content on the world markets and various other finance-related topics helps with expanding those knowledge horizons.

The company does dismiss “cookie cutter” and “one-size-fits-all advice” disseminated from common financial sources. Generic advice lacks depth and can come off as trite. To find an alternative source of information, readers turn towards Banyan Hill Publishing. View:


Ted Bauman-An Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing

 Bauman Ted is an editor of the Bauman letter, plans B club and Alpha Stock Alert newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted joined Banyan Hill publishing in 2013 to date and specializes in asset protection, privacy, international migration issues and low-risk investment strategies. H also writes weekly in Daily newsletter and Sovereign Investors day. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

Educational Background and Work History

Ted Bauman holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from The State University of New York. Ted Bauman enrolled for an MBA in 1999 and finished in 2001 from Georgia State University. Ted Bauman also has a post-graduate degree in economics and history from the University of Cape Town.

Ted Bauman had a 25-year career in South Africa, and he worked as a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. From 2000 onwards he worked as a consultant, researcher, and writer about financial housing and urban planning for clients like the United Nations, South Africa government and the European grant-making agencies.

From 2008, he worked as the director of housing programs at Habitat for Humanity International. He later joined Banyan Hill Publishing firm in 2013 and works as an editor for Bauman Letter, plan B club and Alpha stock alert newsletters that are published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

Ted Newsletter Contributions at Banyan Hill Publishing Firm

Ted Bauman joined Banyan Hill publishing in 2013 as an editor to the Bauman letter, Plan B club, and Alpha club newsletters. He applies his economic knowledge and the international experience to his writing to offer the readers an insight into the market developments that bring profits and those that pose a threat to your investment.

On the plan B Club, Ted provides a guide for acquiring secondary citizenship and how to plan on moving overseas. He gives information on how to protect your wealth abroad and how to avoid the tax burden that can hurt your investment oversees.

Alpha Stock Alert newsletter provides alerts about recommendations based on the Alpha code system. Ted identifies alpha stocks that rise in Bull and Bear markets that can be beneficial to you.

The Bauman Letter provides advice material to help readers secure their wealth by using innovative investment, personal and legal strategies to grow wealth and protect your privacy.

Ted has helped people acquire financial freedom from corporate greed that exploits them. His financial investment advice overseas, guides people to invest and become successful in foreign lands.



Bitcoin is a Hot Investment and Paul Mampilly Foresees an Impending Melt Down

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin was originally created as a peer-to-peer payment system. As a currency, it exists only inside of computers. When well-known finance and tech companies began using Bitcoin the next hot investment was born. A unit of Bitcoin reached a value of $19,000.00 this year resulting in a twenty-fold increase in Bitcoin’s value over the last five months.

It seems that no one can lose by investing in Bitcoin; at least not for the time being. The desire to invest in Bitcoin is driving its value artificially high and ultimately an investment bubble will result. When a group of economists was asked about the Bitcoin investment craze 96% of the group predicted a bubble that will burst taking many investor’s gains with it. Visit Paul Mampilly at facebook

Described by one source as a “financial guru” Paul Mampilly is of the same opinion. In the midst of a stock market crash, he entered the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition. The object of the competition was to reap the highest return on a $50 million investment. When the contest ended Mampilly was the winner with a gain of $38 million.

Paul Mampilly is unsure of when the bottom will fall out of Bitcoin. There is, however, no doubt in his mind that a bubble will form and pop.

With nearly 30 years of investment experience, Paul Mampilly knows a thing or two about investment bubbles. In the 1990’s a friend of Paul Mampilly’s had made a 1,000% return on her stocks. Mampilly knew a bubble was forming and advised his friend to sell her stocks. The lady ignored his advice and lost everything.

Investment portfolios worth millions have been managed by Paul Mampilly and the Royal Bank of Scotland is numbered among his clients. For Banyan Hill Publishing he serves as the senior editor of the investment newsletter “Profits Unlimited”.

What could cause the Bitcoin bubble to burst? The recently acquired ability to speculate on whether Bitcoin’s value will rise or fall makes it possible for investors to have a stake in Bitcoin without actually purchasing a single unit of Bitcoin.

The SEC is hinting that it could start regulating cryptocurrency. People looking to invest in cryptocurrency now have alternatives to Bitcoin.

Nothing succeeds like success and everyone wants in on the next sure thing. Each new Bitcoin investor is like air pumped into a balloon. When the balloon’s ability to hold air is exceeded…well you know. Read more:


Ted Bauman shares his experience from all around the globe in his publications

Ted Bauman was born in United States, Washington DC and bread in the eastern shore of Maryland. His family migrated to South Africa when he was in his youth. He attended the Cape Town University where he majored in History and Economics. He went on to have one of the most thriving careers.

Ted Bauman’s 25-year career in South Africa and around the world

After graduating from the University, Ted decided to maintain his residency in South Africa where he worked for two and a half decades. He ventured into the nonprofit sector where he worked as a fund manager for projects aimed towards developing cost-efficient housing.

While still in S.A, published several global journals on topics such as microfinance, environmental and small enterprise development and urbanization. He wrote for the South African Press, the Cape Times, the Cape Argus and several other publishing houses in Cape Town and other cities in South Africa. He also partnered with a renowned South African author and wrote the book where to stack your cash “legally.” Read this article at Gold-Eagle

Ted has also taken on the roles of consultant, researcher, and writer on matters of urban planning, finance, and housing for clients in the United Nations, Organizations and agencies that issue grants as well as the government of South Africa. In 2008, he began working for HABITAT as the director for their global housing projects. This job took him out of South Africa and allowed him to travel to more than 75 countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean Islands.

Ted Bauman at the Bayan Hill Publishing Firm

In September 2013, Ted Bauman was hired by Bayan Hill as a senior editor. Owing to his experience in consultancy, finance, and research, Ted Bauman began writing about investment, asset protection, privacy issues and global migration affairs. He came up with the idea of the weekly newsletter called the Bauman Letter.

The Bauman Letter is a newsletter that is written and edited by Ted Bauman. In the letter, Ted shares the business and investment lessons that he has gotten over the years during his numerous travels. He also gives his readers firsthand information on low-risk investment opportunities after extensive research.

Other than the Bauman Letter, Ted is also a contributor and writer of the daily newsletters called the sovereign investor daily where he gives financial advice and solutions to economic crisis. He is also a contributor to the Plan B Club, and the Alpha Stock alert.

See more:


Investment Guru Paul Mampilly Exposes Readers to Major Medical Investment Opportunity

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter run by Paul Mampilly. He uses the newsletter as a way to inform his readers of stocks that will provide the highest rate of return. Profits Unlimited has established an engaged community of considerable size. Upwards of 90,000 readers are subscribed to the newsletter. Mampilly also authors another newsletter titled, Extreme Fortunes and operates a research service by the name of True Momentum.

He recommended precision medicine as an investment in the Profits Unlimited newsletter. Mampilly expressed that there is a revolution going on in precision medicine and it will lead to taking up a significant portion of the market share in the healthcare industry. According to Paul Mampilly, precision medicine is the “greatest medical breakthrough” of all time. He went on to advocate further, saying that it is more crucial and useful than every medical device, vaccination, and drug the modern world currently has available. He feels that Precision medicine will spur a health Revolution that will provide disease solutions. Follow Paul Mampilly on Facebook.

So what is precision medicine exactly? This type of medication works by being customized for the genetic makeup of a particular individual. The concept behind it is that your treatment involves medicine that prevents your body from developing a specific disease.

Compare this to a tailored outfit that is made bespoke, just for you and can prevent the development of specific conditions. For example conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease are treated according to the person’s DNA. If a person has already developed a condition, precision medicine helps medical professionals select the most beneficial treatment. The primary focus of precision medicine treatment is the examination of a person’s genes.

As a part of his experience, Mampilly managed accounts valued in the millions of dollars in 1991. Subsequently, he operated Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund. He successfully increased the assets of the firm to $25 billion. The fund that he managed received the honor of Barron’s title of “World’s Best” due to the astounding 26% annual returns delivered by the fund.

Mampilly also was invited to join an investment competition by the Templeton Foundation. He entered the contest with $50 million and exited at $88 million. Mampilly managed to achieve this feat during America’s financial crisis during 2008 and 2009. His expertise has earned him features on Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg to name a few. More information can be found by visiting:


Who is Jeff Yastine and What Are the Kennedy Accounts?

Jeff Yastine may have studied journalism at the University of Florida, but today, he is a thought leader when it comes to investments and growing wealth. Jeff is a regular contributor to where he writes about investment opportunities, wealth management, cybersecurity and more as well as the editor of Banyan Hill’s Total Wealth Insider. Visit the website to learn more.

Jeff Yastine is a significantly qualified and experienced financial journalist and stock market investor. Before becoming an investor, Jeff Yastine had the opportunity to interview some of the top names in economics, business, and finance including but not limited to Sir Richard Branson, Frank Perdue, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Warren Buffet, Wayne Huizenga of Waste Management and Michael Dell of Dell Computers.

Jeff Yastine, however, has become very well-known for a video he released covering whether the Kennedy Accounts are real or just another get rich quick scheme.

So What are the Kennedy Accounts?

The Kennedy Accounts are accounts that were set up under John F. Kennedy during his presidency in an effort to keep Americans investing or otherwise to “Get America Moving Again” as its economic status at the time was dim. According to reports, the Kennedy Accounts under IRS Code 85 allow for individuals to directly invest in companies via what is known as DSPPs or Direct Stock Purchase Plans. This allows not only for more people to invest, but it also for American companies to rake in a lot of cash!

This was the whole idea. Keep American’s investing in American companies and help drive the economy back into the green! Of course, the Kennedy Accounts aren’t something that Wall Street wants people to know about as it could stand to cut their profits drastically. Visit:



Paul Mampilly on the growth of investment industry

Since Paul Mampilly joined the investment sector in 1991, he has made an impact that will take many years to erase. In the recent years, he has taken a course that is proving helpful to many people in the United States who would not have an idea about making a profitable investment. Paul Mampilly is committed to helping everyone as long they are willing to learn. Already he has over 100,000 subscribers to his newsletter who are making it big in the industry. Paul Mampilly recognizes the need to help the main street Americans who would like to be given an opportunity to improve their lives through profitable opportunities.

Paul Mampilly experience in the industry is one that cannot be compared to many investors in the country. He has been in the industry for close to three decades now. In this time, she has performed way better than anyone else in the industry. He has won the various trader’s accolades beating the best of the best in the Wall Street. He has also managed to show his abilities by leading his hedge fund to be the best in the country in 2006. He was the hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset management. During his tenure as a manager, he raised the capital in the firm from $6 billion to over $25 billion in a very short time. Red more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

Paul Mampilly record, therefore, speaks for itself. Anyone who has been to Wall Street knows his name. He has worked with the best firm in the Wall Street and beyond. He now appears in mainstream media such as CNBC and Bloomberg, where he talks about various investment opportunities. Paul Mampilly is dedicated to passing information to the ordinary investor. He knows that he can visualize the stock markets better than average investor and can, therefore, guide them on how to make the best investments.

Paul Mampilly was originally from India. He initially came to the United States to study. He has a degree in finance and accounting from Montclair State University and MBA from Fordham University. He has also taken courses in financial engineering to help him analyze financial matters better than the ordinary investors.

Paul Mampilly is hoping to use his newsletter profits Unlimited to reach as many people as possible. This newsletter has been in the market two years now, and many subscribers have seen huge benefits. The stocks which Paul Mampilly recommends have been doing exemplary well.



Ian King: Looking into the Future of Crypto

With the recent surges in the value of stocks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, one can say that we’re experiencing a digital age version of the gold rush. Ian King proposes that cryptocurrency functions similarly to companies such as Uber and Dropbox that experienced a 400% return in a few years after they launched. King states that there are currently 41 cryptocurrencies that are valued at over $1 billion and has coined the term “cryptocorn” to describe the blockchain exponential growth. “Cryptocorn” is based off of the term “unicorn” – a word that economists use to describe a rare start-up that achieved $1 billion in returns within a short amount of time. Visit Ian King on facebook for more updates.

All of Ian King’s articles on Medium revolve around the current state and the possible future of cryptocurrencies. His most recent article highlights the exponential growth that blockchain projects are experiencing. He marks the surge of the Bitcoin as a marker of a new era of cryptocurrency markets and how there are a number of benefits blockchain has to provide that the public has yet to look into. King has been an accomplished cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of investment experience. He is the founder of the website, Intellicoins which is dedicated to providing expert analysis, real-time trade data, and live trading webinars for investors.

Before becoming the founder of Intellicoins, Ian King has spent a decade as a head trader at Peahi Capital. He started out as a desk clerk at the Salomon Brothers’ mortgage bond trading department before moving to Citigroup where he looked into credit derivatives. King holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Lafayette College.

King is a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing and is dedicated to helping readers grasp a better understanding of the expanding crypto market. He also works as a contributor to Banyon Hill’s financial magazine- Sovereign Investor Daily. Learn  more:


Helping People Protect and Grow Their Wealth: Ted Bauman

The financial world can be very confusing at times. There are many different factors that change perceptions of the market. Ted Bauman has a unique understanding of financial markets. He wants others to have the tools they need to protect and grow their wealth. Bauman’s financial background makes him uniquely qualified to help ordinary people understand the markets.

Ted Bauman writes and edits three business newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. The Bauman Letter is the most popular of the three economic newsletters with a subscription base of over 100,000 readers. The Bauman Letter provides insightful information that helps individuals take back their financial destiny. The Alpha Stock Alert newsletter provides up to the minute and useful information on stock markets. The Sovereign Investor newsletter is the main economic newsletter for the publishing company. It also offers up-to-the-minute information on the markets and investments.

Bauman’s experience with low-income communities in South Africa gives him a greater understanding of economics. It also helps him to gain a better analysis of market pressures and the factors that determine its volatility. Ted Bauman’s expertise is in the housing market. He has worked on a variety of housing projects worldwide. It was his experiences while traveling throughout Africa, Europe and Latin America that gained him the understanding to help others with their financial futures.

His past work in establishing Slum Dwellers International is a good testing ground for the work he’s doing now as editor of the Bauman Letter. The one nugget of information that Bauman insists on repeating is that “you should put your eggs in one basket.” In other words, you need to diversify your portfolio.

Ted Bauman’s background in economics and history that he received at the University of Cape Town in South Africa does give him a well-rounded perspective on the market’s history. It also helps potential investors understand economic patterns. His role as a writer and editor for Banyan Hill Publishing provides him with a platform to promote economic stability. What excites Bauman is the recent trend of educated investors willing to get more involved with the economy. Bauman likes that people are waking up to the fact that it may not be in their best interest to continue to invest in large corporations. He also likes the fact that people are thinking long-term rather than in the moment. This change in perspective is welcome.