Everything You Need To Know About Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management was actually founded in the year 1986. It is actually a private equity company that concentrates on investing in as well as growing middle market firms. This great company has its headquarters in New York and has regional offices in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Lincolnshire Management invests in acquisitions of private firms, management buyouts, corporate divestitures, the growth of equity for the public as well as private firms, and recapitalizations. In the last twenty-six years, the company has invested heavily in a huge range of industries. The firm is very flexible when it comes to structuring investments. Professionals at the Lincolnshire have hands-on experience in all the services they provide. They have helped their clients who are mainly other companies realize their goals as detailed here.

Lincolnshire Management has dealt with firms such as Dalbo Holdings, True Temper Sports, Allison Marine, Nursery Supplies Inc, and Latite. The company’s operating partners work around the clock with the ambition of implementing new strategies so as to refresh and also grow product lines. Also, they work hard to enhance profitability as well as production value. The private equity firm has a rich history in formulating solutions as well as offering hands-on experience in managing operational challenges associated with the companies they help.

Lincolnshire has more than 1.7 billion U.S. dollars of private equity funds that is being managed. The most recent is the 835 million U.S. dollars Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV. It applies creative as well as flexible approaches during its day to day approaches. It structures investments in accordance with the needs of the lenders, management, and sponsors. Its good track record and the broad investment charter offers this great company the flexibility needed to deal with the challenges affecting the private industry. More about the company’s achievements can be viewed through this link https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/lincolnshire-management

Lincolnshire Management mainly enters into an agreement with profitable companies. It has the ambition of investing in manufacturing, service, and distribution businesses. Potential clients should always have excellent management teams, diversified customers, growth opportunities, good margins, and competitive advantages. Lincolnshire is highly flexible when it comes to structuring investments. It intends to transform the orphaned, under managed as well as out of favor firms into highly competitive and attractive companies.

Elena Ford Brings Her Passion And American Know-How To Her New Position At Ford Motor Co

Ford Motor Company is on a mission like no other time in its history to improve the customer experience from the dealerships on up. The driving force behind this mission is a current Ford executive, a forward thinker, a woman, and a member of the Ford family.

Elena A. Ford served the company as a Vice President until October of 2018, at which time she was promoted to a new role. Elena’s new position became official on November 1, and she is now the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Ford. Her accomplishments as VP have already helped to innovatively mark Ford’s place as a leading brand going into the future. In her new role, Elena works with the Ford dealers around the world to establish a new level of customer service and the entire buying experience. This is a newly created position in the organization. Elena Ford now reports directly to Joe Hinrichs, a top level Ford executive who currently serves as the President of Global Operations.

As the great-great-granddaughter of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford, Elena Ford has her own vision for the company as did her gifted ancestor before her. She strives to fulfill her vision for “No-Stress Driving and Car Ownership” for their valued customers. Elena”s grandfather is Henry Ford II, Ford’s current President. Her parents are Charlotte Ford and Stavros Niarchos. Elena is a graduate of New York University. She was born in May of 1966 in New York City.

Ford Motor Company is an American company, and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange. It was in 1903 that entrepreneur Henry Ford launched his company. Ford Motor now employees over 200,000 people worldwide. The company manufactures cars, SUVs, and a fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles under the brand names of Ford and previously Mercury, Jaguar, and Land Rover. The company is ranked as the second largest American auto maker, and globally it is the fifth largest. Ford’s headquarters are in Dearborn, Michigan.

Elena Ford undertakes her new position with the passion to reach new levels of customer satisfaction for the company. She was largely instrumental in the launch of the FordPass app. She understands the challenges and the opportunities that belie the automotive industry, Elena has proven herself to be a highly competent executive leader, and the company and its employees expect good things for Ford Motor Company in the future.


The HGGC New Additions and Acquisitions

HGGC is a leading equity investment organization that mainly focuses on leveraged buyout business transactions and the growth capital investments in the middle-market businesses. The firm has a unique and talented team of experts with many years of operational experience and a collective deal.

The company was designed to bring excellent practices of global corporations and private equity to develop the middle market enterprises which out-perform the current market. The company specializes in platform investments, recapitalizations, add-on acquisitions, growth equity, and corporate carve-outs.

HGGC seeks to invest in enterprise services, consumer products, industrial services, healthcare, financial services, infrastructure, and software. The company mainly invests in the country and also puts into consideration international opportunities.

HGGC Executive Appointments

The HGGC Company recently had six new hires across the operations, financial and investment functions. The six additions which come to the firm from the blue-chip commercial and enterprise brands will ensure that the organization has the much-needed bandwidth and talent to execute a successful investment strategy and foster portfolio value creation as it works on its growth trajectory.

The six additions include Colin Phinisey who is a seasoned investment and banking expert. He has many years of experience with a wide range of capital market and business transactions which include debt financings, mergers and acquisitions, and leveraged buyouts. Christopher Guinn is also among the six additions, and he joins the HGGC as an executive director.

Other additions include Zachary Adams, Patrick Malanga, William Spector and Hao Qin from Onex firm where he was an Associate. Hao Qin also served as an Investment Banking Analyst at the Goldman Sachs.

HGGC Acquisitions

The company recently announced the acquisition of the RPX Corporation, which is a provider of the patent risks and discovery management solutions. Currently, there are no financial terms disclosed, however previous reports of the acquisition pegged the entire amount of the process at $ 10.5 per share.

The RPX marks the company’s second take-private deal after the acquisition of the Nutraceutical International Corporation a distributor and manufacturer of natural minerals, vitamins, personal care products, and supplements. These new acquisitions demonstrate an additional sourcing pool for the firm’s established partnership investment strategies.


OSI Food Solutions Is The Solution In Food Services

The foodservice industry is very demanding as well as very profitable. There are countless food providers in the US and around the world. One of the very best food providers is known to many as OSI Food Solutions.

This Aurora-based food provider has a commitment to excellence because its supplies a number of organizations, including large grocery stores, small bodegas, schools and other food retailers. This particular company has unparalleled resources and reach. Thanks to its make-it-happen mentality, OSI now provides custom-food solutions. Yes, this is true, and the company can follow the client’s instructions for creating the best end product.

Every type of food can be purchased from OSI, which falls under every major food group. OSI Food Solution is the epitome of foodservice success because it has food product capabilities, has food process engineering capabilities and has food safety capabilities. Some of the strictest safety protocols are being implemented here, and there isn’t anything that’s left to chance. Baking, frying and sautéing only scratch the surface to what this company can do. Some of the most advanced equipment is being used by the food specialists. At every one of OSI’s major locations, there are R&D specialists that are present. OSI Food Solutions has plants all over the globe in:

And in 10 other countries

This food provider is so big to where it has grown into its own enterprise. This enterprise has an internal website that tracks and shares its advanced equipment. OSI Food Solutions has certainly found the most cost-effective ways to produce the products that its clients truly want. Let’s give a toast to OSI Food Solutions, and the new year looks to be a good one.

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InnovaCare Leading Health Care Reform with CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is at the forefront of the trend in medical care towards efficiency and value-based care. They are a large care provider with almost half a million customers. InnovaCare is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey but has a wide range. Through their subsidiary MMM, they are the major force in providing health care to Puerto Rico. InnovaCare is working hard to restore medical care to the islands. They have a strong and diverse leadership with over a hundred and twenty years of experience. With their CEO and President Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto, a physician, they are uniquely able to understand the various needs of providers and customers in the health field.

InnovaCare Health is focused on making medical care work for everyone. They are experts in government care programs (Medicaid and Medicare Advantage) and also work extensively with private care providers.

CEO Rick Shinto

At the top of this progressive health care company, you will find Doctor Rick Shinto. Shinto has more than twenty years of experience in the medical field including both clinical and managerial positions. He started out in Southern California working in internal medicine and pulmonology. Shinto then worked in several medical management companies in California including Medical Pathways Management, Med Partners Company, and Cal Optima Health Plan. He served as CEO of North American Medical Management of California (NAMM) before moving to Aveta Inc. in 2008. He was President of Aveta until 2012 when he joined InnovaCare Health. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that in addition to his Medical Doctorate degree (MD) Shinto also has a Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA).

Award Winning Leadership

After decades of working in the health care field, Dr. Shinto has won many awards for his service. He was awarded the Access to Caring award for his work to provide health care to the less fortunate and for being a proponent of compassionate medical care. He was recently praised for his work with InnovaCare Health to provide affordable health care in Puerto Rico. For that work, he was recognized as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in the Healthcare Field in 2018 by Modern Healthcare. Dr. Shinto was gratified to receive this prestigious award for the second time. He was previously honored by Modern Healthcare in 2012. Also in 2012, he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Service category. That award was for his dedication to providing quality care.


Equities First Holdings Assures Availability of Developmental Funds for Everyone

It is becoming harder to get a credit – based loan. Today, while many customers are barely qualified to call on banks for assistance, Equities First Holdings is available for everyone. Its team of professional advisors is ready to provide immediate assistance, to make credit lending more inclusive by loosening its criteria for creating loans from within its company. For anyone who questioned the validity of the company in 2012, it is six years later and customers have benefited from more than $ 1 billion in successful ventures.

Under the supervision of the CEO of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy Jr., interest in the company’s unique stock – based loans continues to increase. Amazing results from collaborating parties in recent years forecast an increase in the companies’ numerous agencies. The expansion of EFH’s groundbreaking transaction process means an equally impressive future. The fact that we are now celebrating its “15th anniversary” shows nothing less than a monumental effort to open doors for small businesses worldwide.

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Talos Energy CEO Tim Duncan Has Recently Sat Down With Mexico’s President-Elect To Talk About A Critical New Partnership:

The Zama oil field which is located in the Gulf of Mexico shallows within Mexican territory is one of the most promising sites currently being worked on anywhere in the world today in terms of its potential to yield substantial quantities of oil. The current projections suggest that this site could end up containing as much as two billion barrels of oil as well as containing reserves of a recoverable nature that add up to as much as 800 million oil barrels.

At the forefront of the exploratory operations that are currently being performed in the Zama field is none other than Houston, Texas-based exploratory energy firm Talos Energy. The company has experienced a lot of great news in the last couple of years that included a merger with another exploratory firm called Stone Energy. This merger had the added benefit of allowing Talos Energy to absorb the public listing that Stone Energy already carried. Now Talos Energy is at the head of a vibrant consortium of exploratory energy firms that also includes U.K. based firm Premier Oil and Mexican based operation Sierra Oil. Talos is spearheading the effort along with these partners in order to utilize the resources that the Zama field presents.

Talos Energy and its partners might soon be joined by yet another critical partner. This time it looks like it will come in the form of Mexican government-run oil company Pemex. Pemex is already operating in the oil field that is directly adjacent to the Zama project and so this partnership makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons. A major aspect of this partnership will include both sides of the equation sharing their current data with one another in an attempt to be able to maximize the effectiveness of the exploratory efforts for all parties that are concerned.

Tim Duncan heads up Talos Energy as its CEO and founder and he has expressed great excitement at the possibility of making this business deal a reality. The data that both efforts can provide to one another will only benefit the other side. to this effect, Tim Duncan recently sat down with Mexico’s new President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. One of the President-elect’s top priorities is to strengthen the position that Pemex is currently in and forging a partnership with the Talos Energy consortium will go a long way towards helping him to accomplish this goal.

Learn more about Talos Energy : https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talos-energy-llc-announces-historic-oil-discovery-offshore-mexico-300486773.html

Learn More About Dherbs

Many companies are shying away from Western medicine and embracing holistic medicine as a way of improving their customers’ health. While some of these companies are introducing holistic diets, juice cleanses, teas and supplements, others are making dherbs supplements to maximize the health of users.

In this century, people mislabel or misunderstand alternative medicine, also known as integral holistic medicine. Despite the stigma, the alternative medicine is slowly gaining popularity in the west. According to Dr. Marilyn Schlitz, holistic medicine knows that humans have mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions essential in diagnosis as well as treatment of a disease and enhancing better health.

Dherbs Inc. is an American herbal distribution company based in Los Angeles, California that is dedicated to utilizing the powers in ancient medical methods. A.D. Dolphin founded the company in 2004 with the mission to help people live vibrant lives with optimal health. Dolphin believes that health is from on an external source but from within the human body. Related Links Click here.

Dherbs bases most of their products upon ancient healing methods, which has allowed their wide variety of products to cater to people’s individual needs. Dherbs is one of the top suppliers of health supplements and nutritional products in the United States. They offer remedies for conditions such as diabetes, insomnia, liver disease and others.

Dherbs’smain focus is cultivating the benefits of ancient healing methods and changing the way we view medicine. Two of their most popular healing methods are ancient baths and saunas. They also produce herbal teas which are quite therapeutic. Dherbs products are carefully crafted from 100% natural herbs which ensures great results.

Dherbs is inspired by the power manifested in the natural world and the style ancient cultures have used to harness that power. To date, Dherbs’s products have been trusted by people who are trying to keep their bodies toxin-free through a variety of detoxes. By submitting to the ability of plants and following instructions from experts, you can benefit from the brain child of ancient wisdom and modern understanding.

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What You Did Not Know About Organo Gold

Coffee culture is a trend that is being recognized long after it has taken root in the United States and become the new norm. Many Americans starts their day with a cup of coffee, something that is claimed to enable a person to start a day with a cutting-edge energy. Well, Organo Gold saw the opportunity in the market and came in to provide coffee lovers premium products that will complement their lifestyles.

Started in 2008, Organo Gold has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of coffees, nutraceuticals, teas and personal care products in the United States. Today, it has over 500 employees working in its branches across 45 countries. It strives to provide coffee products with great taste as well as low prices

Organo Gold distributes its full line of products through its Independent Distributor network. Additionally, its customers gets the products at Coffee Connoisseur Club in the United States as well as Canada. King of Coffee is one of their outstanding products that is designed for instant coffee enthusiasts. The company claims that the ganoderma lucidum in King of Coffee helps to manage cholesterol, apart from its anti-viral properties. Ganoderma lucidum is a type of mushroom and apart from its use in Organo Gold’s coffee products, the company also produces ganoderma supplements and green tea blended with ganoderma.

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The company offers the consumers of its products a business opportunity to earn money by distributing its products. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to sign up new distributors in an effort to build a lucrative business.

Since its conception, the company has come a long way and currently, it provides an array of quality products including exotic tea blends and hot chocolate. Organo Gold is committed to impact lives positively through its quality products and a lucrative business opportunity.

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Guilherme Paulus – The Man That Build Brazil’s Tourism

From a small travel agency founded in 1972 in São Paulo, CVC is today one of the biggest tourism networks in Brazil. The success of the venture is due to the deep experience and impressive business skills of Guilherme Paulus, who founded the company at the age of 24 and managed to turn it into an empire along the years, making it Latin America’s largest travel operator. View Guilherme Paulus profile at Forbes

Guilherme Paulus, born in 1949, founded CVC alongside Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, who later quit, leaving Paulus as the key figure responsible for the growth of the small company. His ability to innovate helped him build the a wide portfolio of products that are now available on the market, products that are more complex than the usual travel packages. In 2009, part of the company was sold to Carlyle Group, which helped CVC reach a new level business-wise. Going public and opening its capital on the stock exchange proved to be fruitful, as the company is constantly expanding and growing its annual revenue.

Despite its massive success, CVC is not the only business venture of Guilherme Paulus. In 2006 he bought the airline Webjet which he turned into the third biggest airline in Brazil, operating in over 20 cities throughout the country, before selling it to the company Gol. Paulus is also founder of GJP Hotels & Resorts, a network which he founded in 2005 and that is currently considered to be one of the largest hotel chains in Brazil. Despite it starting with only one establishment, the company now owns 14 hotels and resorts throughout the country, and has plans to include new units and continue expanding.

Due to his success in the tourism sector, Guilherme Paulus won many awards throughout the years, such as Entrepreneur of the Year or Personality of the Year, from different publications. He has a net worth of $1.1 billion, being currently listed on Forbes billionaires list. He has also been honored by international governments, in 2012 receiving an honor from the French Government, and received recognitions for his services to tourism from countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and the United States.

Visit: https://gazetteday.com/2018/08/guilherme-paulus-creating-one-hotel-resort-time/