Michael Hagele’s 4 Tips For Success

Michael Hagele is a legal business advisor and suave, diverse investor with love for technology. He is an alumnus of the universities of Iowa and Ca at Berkeley. Michael is a firm believer in business diversification. He has a rich career background involving a variety of ventures, including startups in the hospitality industry. He has also been instrumental in drafting some key business agreements and documents for some firms.

Career and Business

Michael Hagele early career in business law was the impetus for his success. He received practical knowledge and experience, as the legal counsel for Fen week and West LLP. Hea also worked for some technology firms. He developed agreements in domestic and international law. He also drafted commercial contracts for properties in the technology and communication industries. He upholds networking, tenacity and leisure time as ingredients for a successful career and life.


Michael Hagel’s friends are many and drawn from a variety of industries in and out of the USA. He reiterates the significance of social media in forging strong network communities. He spends time each day communing with his friends, partners and associates online. Networking he says keeps clients and partners connected. It also enhances the spread of information and ideas. Follow Michael on Instagram


He is a hard worker and overachiever. He has established a reputation and status in the market as an effective and efficient deal broker. He is motivated rather than discouraged by failure.


He believes his clients are his most valuable assets and priority. He is always pleasant, considerate and professional in dealing with them. He attributes his success as a business attorney to customer loyalty.

Leisure Time

Each day, Michael Hagele spent time in the outdoors. Among his favourite leisure time activities are mountain or road bikes. He believes that physical exercise is necessary revitalises and invigorates.

Michael Hagele is an accomplished business investor and advisor with diverse interests and a love for technology. His greatest interest at the moment is artificial intelligence. It may be his next great investment idea, who knows?

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Bruno Fagali Explains New Laws In Regards To Photographs In Advertisements

In a posting on his blog, Brazilian lawyer Bruno Fagali talked about a new law that applies to photographs used in advertising. The new law in France that required advertisers to put “retouched photograph” on any picture where the model’s body has been retouched through use of an imaging program, typically Photoshop.

The new law is now part of the French Code of Public Health. The concern is that by retouching photographs advertisers present bodies that realistically cannot be achieved, even through one following a strict diet. In France there are anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 people, mostly young people, who have anorexia. This has led to many deaths in France and throughout the world.

Other countries have also addressed these issues, such as Israel. In 2012 that country started requiring that photographs used in advertising either have the model’s body mass index on the photograph or a notice that the picture has been Photoshopped. Bruno Fagali says that his country also addressed this issue in 2010 when it also started requiring a notice be placed on any retouched image. However, he says that law isn’t always followed.

Bruno Fagali also wrote about how it’s been the law since 2016 in France that models must have a medical certificate which shows their state of health before they can work. If they don’t comply with the law they can face a fine of 75,000 Euros as well as a six-month prison sentence.

Bruno Fagali owns and operates his own law firm, Fagali Advocacia. His legal specialties are electoral law, compliance, anti-corruption, public law, parliamentary, and advertising law. He guarantees that he and his partners are committed to excellence and defending their client’s interests to the best of their ability.

Beyond operating his own law firm Bruno Fagali is also the corporate integrity manager for NOVA / SB, an advertising agency. He works to make sure that employees at this company are knowledgeable about their legal obligations in the advertising they produce. He also makes sure they are in compliance with Brazilian anti-corruption laws as this advertising agency has extensive government contracts.  Watch:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3w7iKhGGiAQPnyiMzQBvfg