Transparency Is A Marketing Key For Krishen Iyer

The Carlsbad, California-based marketing and health insurance expert, Krishen Iyer has been giving his opinion on the needs of digital marketing in the 21st-century. The founder of Managed Benefit Services has seen his work as a marketing expert become more important in recent years with a continued push for greater transparency being one of the keys to the success of brands in the future.

Transparency is important as greater numbers of consumers are seeking ways of protecting themselves from what they see as the less than impressive aspects of modern marketing campaigns.

Privacy issues remain a key part of the work says Krishen Iyer, as he believes digital marketing campaigns often fail to address privacy issues in the 21st-century. Krishen Iyer points to the plethora of studies detailing the distrust many people have for the location-based services used by marketers and mobile communications brands.

The Carlsbad-based Managed Benefit Services users the latest studies and research to keep abreast of trends in the sector which can include the fact 25 percent of those responding to a survey revealed they did not want to reveal their location. Using mobile communications has allowed the growth of location-based services but around 50 percent of those surveyed also felt uncomfortable knowing their phone was sharing their location with their service provider.

From his office in Carlsbad, Krishen Iyer believes the next trend major corporations will be forced to consider is the need to show more support to local communities. Smaller communities such as Krishen Iyer’s own local area of Carlsbad require greater levels of support as big-box stores continue to dominate smaller groups with small business owners suffering as a consequence. Krishen Iyer believes major retail corporations and those in other sectors would be well advised to consider closer working relationships with small businesses and members of local communities who have largely been ignored in the past.

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