Guilherme Paulus and His Hotels and Resorts

Guilherme Paulus is one of Brazil’s most influential businesspersons. He is one that wakes early, and despite having grown business, he is still there on the front lines making sure everything is running smoothly. When Paulus wakes each morning, he starts the day with gratitude.

When Guilherme Paulus started his business, he needed a partner. The business partner is the one who fronted the funds to be invested and get the idea off the ground. Paulus is the one who did the legwork for the business. He picked the location and did all the physical work to the company going.

Guilherme Paulus thinks spending any money that is going to work for you is work spending. He recently made a $100 investment. The investment is going to work for him and make him money. Money that is working for him is money spent well. There are not too many people who would invest all their spare change to make a few dollars. Paulus is one, though.

Paulus is the president of the first company he started. The company is CVC travel agency. Guilherme Paulus is one that went on to bigger and better things. He started a company, also in the travel industry, a hotel, and resort chain. After founding GJP Hotels and Resorts, he became the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), and he talks to his staff and customers regularly. Paulus travels to one of his 20 hotels and resorts two to three days per week. While there he interacts with staff and customers.

Guilherme Paulus participa da 2ª edição do CVB Talks. Currently, Paulus operates around 20 hotel and resort chains under the GJP label. He employs nearly 20 thousand people. There have been more than 95 thousand people who have walked through his hotels and resorts since he opened the doors of his first chain.

The GJP brand hotels and resorts started with one location. It has grown exponentially since the beginning. Paulus credits technology and his getting in there with his staff and customers. He is always one step ahead of the game so he can know better what the customer wants from his chain of hotels and resorts.

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