Steve Ritchie: Creating a new path for Papa Johns through a concrete action plan

In a letter personally penned by CEO of Papa John’s pizza Steve Ritchie, the newly appointed chief executive officer not only apologize to customers and the public in general about the offensive language used by a former employee but also laid out a set of steps that the company will take in the upcoming months to fix the situation and earn back the trust of their customers. In the letter addressed to customers and the entire Papa Johns staff, Steve Ritchie promises that a full audit of the company will commence in order to better understand the culture within and gather data on things that need to be improved or overhauled completely. In addition, the companies top executive management team including Steve himself will also take to the road and speak with people face to face. Lastly, Steve promises that going forward the company will be more transparent with both staff and their customers alike.

The letter written by Steve Ritchie was revered by many for the inclusion of compassion, responsibility taking, and concrete actions. The letter also made an effort in distancing the company from its scandal by reminding customers that the company is not just one person but a combination of over 120,000 employees, many of them are part of the communities we live in, people we love. However, the section of the letter most people found surprising coming from a company is the concrete examples of the things that Papa Johns will be taking in the future. This allowed customers to feel a sense of confidence in the company. Although the initial apology letter sent out to customers did not go over well, the fact that CEO Steve Ritchie took almost no time to re-write and set a list of actions is a testimony to the future of Papa John’s under the leadership of Steve Ritchie.

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