The Rise and Rise of the OSI Industries

The OSI Group has undergone spontaneous changes ever since its inception in the food processing industry. A major part of the innovation accustomed to the brand has been attributed to David McDonald. David McDonald has over thirty years of experience working under the OSI Industries.

Immediately McDonalds finished college, he was assimilated into the fir as the project manager. Over the course of the three decades, he has managed to climb up the ranks to his current post of Chief Operating Officer.

When it comes to the food industry, the OSI Group has surely left an indelible mark. The beginning of the firm was as a corner butcher shop ran by an immigrant in Chicago. During the mid-century, the firm has picked up the pace as a regional meat supplier for the McDonalds chain of restaurants. It maintained this partnership and currently it has been the official meat supplier for McDonalds for a long time.

During the last quarter of the century, the OSI Industries has managed to transcend into new ventures with presence in the United States and also internationally.

The COO of the OSI Group grew up in Iowa in the northeast farm. He enrolled at the Iowa State University with a degree in anima science. He was an awardee of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

Even after graduating, McDonald has a strong commitment to the Iowa State Community. He plays a crucial and active role in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative of the university. Some of his charity works includes contributions to the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship.

A major stint played by McDonald currently in the OSI Industries is the expansion plans in China. He is also the mastermind behind the OSI Group’s acquisition of the Baho Foods and consequently the Creative Foods Europe. As an expert in food logistics, McDonald has garnered a wide experience working alongside Governmental agencies, retailers and local suppliers.

Forbes recently listed the OSI Industries as the 63rd largest private firms in 2018. It also estimated the total revenue from the OSI Industries at $6.1 billion. The firm has employed over 20,000 employees in the 65 facilities with a growing presence in over 17 countries.

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“Marc Beer Joins Forces with Boston Women’s Health to Provide Innovate Pelvic Relief “

In 1987 Marc Beer walked out of the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree and he never looked back. Instead, he focused on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics with a specialization in developing these further and commercializing them so the consumer understood how it would make both their lives and the lives of their children better.

One of his biggest accomplishments includes becoming the founding CEO of ViaCell, which specializes in preserving stem cells from umbilical cords. He not only kept the company growing but made it thrive.

And now he’s using his company Renovia Inc. to help the pelvic floor at Boston Women’s Health. This plan cost about thirty-two million dollars in Series B along with ten million in venture debt. The exciting thing about this venture with Boston Women’s Health is that the money will be spent with the goal to improve the lives of women in the community who struggle with silent disorders. With the money, they are developing both diagnostic and therapeutic products to help people with issues such as urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a problem that affects two hundred and fifty million women worldwide. The venture’s first product received FDA approval in April, giving women who are already in Boston Women’s some relief already.

Several companies saw and believed in what Renovia Inc. was doing and backed them up. These companies include the Longwood Firm, New York’s Perceptive Advisors, and Missouri’s Ascension Ventures. Their funding will help further the goal of relief by testing out four more diagnostic and therapeutic products, including a new generation of the Leva device.

The Leva device is a digital health program that uses Bluetooth to give interactive visualization to women, giving them real-time progress tracking, helping them strengthen and rehabilitate weak pelvic muscles. It does this without surgery or medicine.

Marc Beer stated that the goal for the funding and devices is to, “give our customers valuable data to inform new treatment options, drive greater knowledge and understanding of pelvic floor disorders, and ultimately lower long-term healthcare costs.” Something, it seems, everyone can get behind. Learn more:



Is the EOS Lip balm over hyped?

In a few short reviews it was a little conflicting at first, but easy to tell that if I were a new consumer to “The EOS Organic Lip Balm summer fruit”, that I’d absolutely love it. In one short review there was a woman who went by the name of Megan G. She stated how she had dry and cracked lips and would use this product to soften and moisturize her lips. She also stated that she would use this product before she would apply matte lipstick and it worked like a charm. Megan expressed how much she loved the smell of the product and she also mentioned how much it costs and didn’t seem disappointed. I must say that at a low price it’s a great bargain for soft motorized lips in return.

As a makeup artist, I too know how important it is to moisturize not only your face before applying a full face of makeup up, but to also have great care for your lips because let’s face it… No one wants cracked painful lips. However not everyone is impressed with this lip balm, someone by the name of Luna B had what she called an unpopular opinion. She made a statement claiming how the lip balm was over hyped and she wasn’t happy with the prices. It seemed as if she was more upset about the lip balm not fitting in her pocket and not taking into account what good benefits the EOS Organic Lip balm summer fruit had to offer. I read more into her review and found out where her true problem resides and it was in her lips. She mentioned how she had suffered from chronic, dry lips, and that her lips felt moistened for an hour and then afterwards it would disappear. I truly believe that EOS Organic summer fruit wasn’t built to treat severely chronic and cracked lips. The problem that Luna B has, sounds like something more of what should be professionally treated by a doctor.

I personally don’t understand how a consumer could be upset with a product that is specifically made for a normal dry lip, and not a chronic dry lip. The EOS Organic Summer Fruit lip balm just sounds like a breeze. The name not only sounds refreshing, but in another review… someone stated how the lip balm is beautifully formulated. She seemed like an individual who knew about natural oils, which is what the EOS Organic Summer Fruit lip balm contains. She was extremely excited and happy about the lip balm and explained how she would try to formulate her own lip balms at home using coconut oils and Shea butter, but could never balance it enough to get the perfect formula. Nevertheless with EOS Organic Summer Fruit Lip Balm, the hard work and balancing was already done and it was perfect for her.

A woman by the name of Brianna R posted a review and stated how super cute they were. Which of course meant that she absolutely loved the packaging and was happy about the fact that because of the shape and packaging it wasn’t easy to melt on a hot summer day. It also meant for her that it wouldn’t get easily dirty. She loved that the product was lightweight and soaked right into her lips giving it relief immediately. If that doesn’t sound pleasing enough, she was also very impressed with the scent and was highly recommending other consumers to buy. She suffered from skin irritation and the lip balm helped her tremendously.

It goes without many words to say that the EOS Organic Summer Fruit Lip balm is a product that is highly anticipated but also very highly rated, rather it’s good or bad. Speaking of bad, there was a complaint from a woman by the name of Carla M, and she had an issue with the product that didn’t sound so appealing. She claimed that the EOS lip balm was making her lips become more dry. She explained how the more she put on, that the worse her lips became. She was upset, and turned completely off by the product and didn’t want to purchase the product ever again. I must admit it sounds like a horror story but, I won’t be scared away that easily.

As a consumer of any product, I can say that for many it’s easy to let one bad apple ruin the bunch. For anyone not quite catching my drift, I mean that it’s easy for a person to let one bad experience with a product ruin the entire experience for everything else in a brand. I feel like that isn’t the way to be. I have had products from a particular brand I have loved for years before I tried that specific product make me upset but I knew that everything wasn’t built for everyone. I learned that some items just want going to agree with my body and truthfully I’m perfectly okay with that because that is what makes me who I am. That is what makes me original. I know what my body can handle and Can’t, I know what it needs… it’s the wants that come into play, that where it gets tricky.

Overall, I feel like the EOS Organic Summer Fruit Lip Balm is worth at least trying. Regardless of the good or bad reviews I feel that it’s worth a shot. Anything natural and not so badly chemically formulated is worth a shot. I truly love healthy alternatives. I will be the first to admit that my eating habits aren’t as good as they should be, but I’m starting somewhere. I would feel so refreshed knowing that when I used makeup, I could still have a sense of security to say that I’m going Organic at least for my beautiful lips. It’s one of the most popular things right now, and Organic products is making its way into everyone’s home no matter how big or how small the item is. For some it’s as simple as a EOS Organic Summer Fruit lip balm.

Steve Ritchie: Creating a new path for Papa Johns through a concrete action plan

In a letter personally penned by CEO of Papa John’s pizza Steve Ritchie, the newly appointed chief executive officer not only apologize to customers and the public in general about the offensive language used by a former employee but also laid out a set of steps that the company will take in the upcoming months to fix the situation and earn back the trust of their customers. In the letter addressed to customers and the entire Papa Johns staff, Steve Ritchie promises that a full audit of the company will commence in order to better understand the culture within and gather data on things that need to be improved or overhauled completely. In addition, the companies top executive management team including Steve himself will also take to the road and speak with people face to face. Lastly, Steve promises that going forward the company will be more transparent with both staff and their customers alike.

The letter written by Steve Ritchie was revered by many for the inclusion of compassion, responsibility taking, and concrete actions. The letter also made an effort in distancing the company from its scandal by reminding customers that the company is not just one person but a combination of over 120,000 employees, many of them are part of the communities we live in, people we love. However, the section of the letter most people found surprising coming from a company is the concrete examples of the things that Papa Johns will be taking in the future. This allowed customers to feel a sense of confidence in the company. Although the initial apology letter sent out to customers did not go over well, the fact that CEO Steve Ritchie took almost no time to re-write and set a list of actions is a testimony to the future of Papa John’s under the leadership of Steve Ritchie.

Find out more about Steve Ritchie:’s_Pizza

InnovaCare Leading Health Care Reform with CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health is at the forefront of the trend in medical care towards efficiency and value-based care. They are a large care provider with almost half a million customers. InnovaCare is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey but has a wide range. Through their subsidiary MMM, they are the major force in providing health care to Puerto Rico. InnovaCare is working hard to restore medical care to the islands. They have a strong and diverse leadership with over a hundred and twenty years of experience. With their CEO and President Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto, a physician, they are uniquely able to understand the various needs of providers and customers in the health field.

InnovaCare Health is focused on making medical care work for everyone. They are experts in government care programs (Medicaid and Medicare Advantage) and also work extensively with private care providers.

CEO Rick Shinto

At the top of this progressive health care company, you will find Doctor Rick Shinto. Shinto has more than twenty years of experience in the medical field including both clinical and managerial positions. He started out in Southern California working in internal medicine and pulmonology. Shinto then worked in several medical management companies in California including Medical Pathways Management, Med Partners Company, and Cal Optima Health Plan. He served as CEO of North American Medical Management of California (NAMM) before moving to Aveta Inc. in 2008. He was President of Aveta until 2012 when he joined InnovaCare Health. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that in addition to his Medical Doctorate degree (MD) Shinto also has a Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA).

Award Winning Leadership

After decades of working in the health care field, Dr. Shinto has won many awards for his service. He was awarded the Access to Caring award for his work to provide health care to the less fortunate and for being a proponent of compassionate medical care. He was recently praised for his work with InnovaCare Health to provide affordable health care in Puerto Rico. For that work, he was recognized as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in the Healthcare Field in 2018 by Modern Healthcare. Dr. Shinto was gratified to receive this prestigious award for the second time. He was previously honored by Modern Healthcare in 2012. Also in 2012, he was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the Service category. That award was for his dedication to providing quality care.

Equities First Holdings Assures Availability of Developmental Funds for Everyone

It is becoming harder to get a credit – based loan. Today, while many customers are barely qualified to call on banks for assistance, Equities First Holdings is available for everyone. Its team of professional advisors is ready to provide immediate assistance, to make credit lending more inclusive by loosening its criteria for creating loans from within its company. For anyone who questioned the validity of the company in 2012, it is six years later and customers have benefited from more than $ 1 billion in successful ventures.

Under the supervision of the CEO of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy Jr., interest in the company’s unique stock – based loans continues to increase. Amazing results from collaborating parties in recent years forecast an increase in the companies’ numerous agencies. The expansion of EFH’s groundbreaking transaction process means an equally impressive future. The fact that we are now celebrating its “15th anniversary” shows nothing less than a monumental effort to open doors for small businesses worldwide.

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The Rise of Online Marketing with Richard Liu

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the CEO of, was born in the early 1970s in China. He attained a degree in sociology from the Renmin University of China, followed by EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. During his free time in school, Richard Liu utilized it to advance his computer skills through freelance coding work. His computer skills contributed much to his employment in a health product company known as Japan life where he served as the director for both the computers and the business in general. Before founding Richard Liu had started his own business that dealt with magneto-optical products in Beijing. The magneto-optical business had expanded into 12 more stores but when there was an outbreak of SARS many staff members and customers remained in their homes hence the market was prone to collapse. Having risk management skills, Richard Liu decided to venture into the E-commerce business where he could be able to serve the customers even in their homes.

Richard Liu being a renowned entrepreneur with a vision of excelling in the business field founded, an online marketing business serving over millions of people across the world. deals with a variety of consumer goods and electronics. The success of the company is based from the fact that it has partnered with other prominent companies such as Walmart who currently have increased their stake in the company to 12%. In 2014, WeChart a social network company acquired 15% of shares in JD.Com. WeChart boosts the number of active users to almost a billion, and this enabled to go public in the United States biggest NASDAQ floats. Despite the stiff competition from various companies such as Alibaba has maintained a steep growth over the years.

Richard Liu having outshined skills in various fields including in timekeeping, risk management skills, hardworking, innovative and inventive, good listener makes him a qualified entrepreneur., therefore, is not just a sales platform but it’s a brand-building platform that spends much time and resources strengthening their brand to meet the needs of all customers.