Dick Devos and His Efforts to Reform Education and Labor

A multipurpose sports and convention arena was on its way to construction in 1991 when Dick Devos picked up the phone to call some people to go against the plan. For him, this sports facility would hurt the city of Grand Rapids, especially its downtown area.


He recalled and compared the situation during the time when the Pontiac Silverdome and the Palace of Auburn Hills caused some damage to Detroit after the Pistons and Lions moved to another location back in the 70s. His beliefs led to the creation of a group of business leaders that they called Grand Action.


Two years later, Dick Devos became the CEO of his family’s Amway Corp until 2002. Even before that, he has always been active in attempting to change the face of the policies of labor, education, and other institutions. Together with his wife, the power duo has catalyzed some significant reforms in state laws that influence the paths of employment and learning.


Betsy Devos has been proactively pushing the expansion for educational institutions, especially charter schools. On the other hand, Dick Devos formulated the law that turned Michigan into a supportive area for the right to work in 2012. It was undoubtedly a giant move, considering the state was the birthplace of systematized and controlled labor. The law he engineered allowed union membership to be obliterated as a requirement or condition to be employed.


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Just last year, Dick Devos was in the headlines because he was tapped for a prominent position in the Federal Aviation Administration. He is currently assigned to the top civilian panel that has the responsibility to manage and supervise the FAA. He became one of the newest members of the assembly and was formally announced on September last year.



Dick Devos and His Efforts to Reform Education and Labor


As part of the Management Advisory Council of the FAA, it is his duty, along with the other senior managers, to advise and plan for regulatory, expenses, and policy matters. As a group, they come up with a strategy for how the agency will work and carry out its tasks efficiently.


Dick Devos will serve as a volunteer, just like the other members of the group, for three years. He is expected to keep his positions in both the public and private sectors.


Throughout the years, the Devos family has always had a significant role in turning the education, labor, and even the political landscape. With their influence and experience, Dick and Betsy Devos have led groups to work on various projects for improvement and sometimes, reorganization.


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