OSI Industries: Paving the way in how food is served making it better for all

The OSI industries formerly known as Otto & Sons is a staple in the American immigrant food industry. Since partnering to be a supplier of McDonald’s back in the 1940s when it was just a budding restaurant operation, they went from a local family-owned shop to a global meat supplier in a matter of years. They specialized in supplying the ever-growing number of regional McDonald’s restaurants thus becoming McDonald’s main meat source supplier. They have been running hand in hand since the beginning of McDonald’s franchise inception.. OSI industries is one of the most recognized brands in the food processing industry and manufacturing industry.

As OSI grew over the next two decades, changes began to happen in the McDonald’s food preparation plan. Meaning, McDonald’s wanted to supply each store with consistent product, since hamburgers were and currently are the main staple of the restaurant chain, OSI group were charged with a huge task to provide a higher level of timely consistency coupled with affordability and timely delivery of the meat product to all of the budding restaurants. In the 1960s they begin to Quick freeze the meat. By adding liquid nitrogen it provided away for the meat to be frozen quickly and thawed out quickly once the meat hit the grill. The process called quick freezing or cryogenic freezing allowed for additional food expansion in the same arena to eventually include non meat items.

The growth between the two companies became widely known as they expanded throughout the world and making transportation of frozen goods even easier to transport to each restaurant and have fresh food, consistent delivery service for each customer. OSI industries has come a long way from being a family butcher shop to being the number one technically savvy food manufacturer and meat producer.

As OSI industries begin to grow they were eventually approached by the owners of McDonald’s to combine into a joint venture making McDonald’s the owner and the CEO of OSI coming on to join into the McDonalds family while running the part of the OSI distribution. Eventually they went on to add in bacon, chicken, sausage links as some of their product offerings. Additionally adding in non-meat flash frozen products as well. Over the years, they have expanded into several countries and making it easier to keep the production consistent with delivery high quality meat into countries like Europe, Japan and Germany to name a few OSI industries group will be around for centuries to come turning the meat processing industry into a better well ran cycle that provides quality meats to restaurants we consumers use on a regular basis.

For details: www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx

The Irish trade unionist, Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin was a renowned socialist and trade unionist born in January 1876. Born to Irish parents in Liverpool, he grew up in slums and abject poverty. At a tender age of seven, he used to go to school in the morning hours and work later in the evening to supplement his family’s earnings. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm

His father passed away at the age of 14, and he was taken in by the firm that his father worked for but left unemployed again after two years. He was forced to work as a sailor and a docker for his upkeep. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

He became a dock foreman in the year 1903 and married his wife Elizabeth Brown in the same year. Jim Larkin’s interest in socialism grew from the year 1893, and he joined the Independent Labour Party as a member.

He was later elected to the committee that organized the strike at the Liverpool docks. As a result, he lost his job as a dock foreman and was rendered jobless again. However, this was only for a short while, and he was appointed the organizer of the National Union of Dock Labourers.

In 1906, he led a vigorous campaign opposing the Chinese immigration to Scotland.

Jim Larkin was tasked to organize the dock workers for NUDL in January 1907. He accomplished his primary assignment of uniting the employers, and he later canceled the strike in June of the same year.

He also led a successful mission of bringing together the Protestant and Catholic workers. On leaving NUDL in the year 1908, he established the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

The group is still in existence as the Services Industrial Professional and Technical Union. Jim Larkin moved ITGWU’s headquarters to Dublin, Ireland in the year 1909.

In 1911, he established “The Irish Worker and People’s Advocate,” a local newspaper that covered the employees’ rights and aired their views.

The paper also held an aggressive campaign against unjust employers. Also, the newspaper contained pieces written by socialists and trade unionists intellectuals. The paper later changed its name to the new Ireland Echo to cover all the employees’ in Ireland.

Jim Larkin is renowned for his famous slogan, ” A fair day’s work for a fair day’s work.” He accomplished some notable achievements in the year 1913. His involvement in the Sligo Dock Strike was a major success, and it entailed boycotting of goods and recourse to strikes which were sympathetic.

He later passed on in the year 1947 after leading successful trade unions.

The Rise of Louis Chenevert

The leadership in an organization determines the success of a firm. Leadership entails creating a conducive environment for your employees, ensuring there is teamwork among them, as well as investing in empowering them.

Louis Chenevert is among the wealthiest and best leaders that ever existed in the industry. He studied Production Management. This means helping the firm produce the most out of its resources, and at the same time minimize on their costs. This is exactly what Louis wanted to do with his life. He wanted to help improve companies.

After school, he was employed in General Motors. It is in this firm that Chenevert’s foundation was built. He stayed in the company for 14 years. He worked in almost all divisions in the firm before leaving the organization. This gave him experience on how all the units of the company should operate.

After 14 years in General Motors, he shifted to Pratt & Whitney. The company was different; it was specializing in the manufacturing of the engines. It is worthwhile to note that the firm was a subsidiary of the UTC. The division that Chenevert was assigned tremendously improved, which lead to his promotion to the President of the firm.

UTC could not help but see the changes that Chenevert was bringing about in the firm. They nominated him as their CEO. This is possibly the best decision that they ever made for the firm. This was the beginning of success and prominence of the firm.

Chenevert made meaningful deals for the company like buying the Goodrich Company. The deal took long, there were many negotiations, but at the long-run, they were able to purchase the firm at $16 billion. He also bought the GTF engine at $10 billion from the Pratt & Whitney. The purchases helped the firm gain so much leverage that they became the most profitable firm in the state. The shares of the firm improved by approximately 200%.

Final Verdict

Louis Chenevert worked his way up in the corporate world. He acquired all the positions he had from his efforts and hard work. It was through the determination to make a difference.


Meet The Man Behind ORGANO, Mr. Bernardo Chua

He is probably known for his expertise in business and marketing the fields he has been in for years. Mr. Bernardo Chua commonly referred to as Bernie has received several awards and recognition for being a successful businessman across Pacific Rim. He is one of those executives who has made impacts in the lives of many, especially in his community. He can be referred to as a successful man not because he is getting billions of dollars in terms of revenue, but because of the impact, he has made on his community.

Bernardo Chua is the founder and also the owner of Organo Gold Company which is widely recognized for its outstanding coffee and other tea products. The reason for the establishment of this company is his deep passion for the health of his community. The cup of coffee and other products offered him are tailored to the health of the user. The brand of his products has spread across the globe which has led to various international outlets. Visit SlideShare to know more.

As many successful people, he had to fight his own battles in his recession days. He has left an undeniable legacy wherever he has worked. A good example is Gona excel which he made it span to international heights with established branches in Canada, U.S., and Hong Kong. His company, Organo Gold, has spread to international markets through “multi-level marketing” strategy. That means they have various sales executive in various countries where their branches exist. The company doesn’t only gain profits from the sales but also promotes the lives of the sale agents and gives products that are beneficial to its customers.

With only a decade in the market, Organo Gold has gone to levels which are incomparable to its age. The co-founder of the company is Shane Morand who is gifted in motivating leaders and sales agents; their Chief Visionary Officer is Holton Buggs, and Chief Financial Officer being AwieKardiman among others who make the development team of the company.

Bernado Chua is not only passionate in bringing great health and employment opportunities to his community but also caring and helping them. That’s why he has OG Cares Foundation which helps in mentoring the youths and gives them a chance to be independent. If you are a fan of coffee, remember ORGANO can give you a treat.

Visit: https://www.thestreet.com/story/13132871/1/bernardo-chua-expands-organo-golds-operations-into-turkey.html


Paul Mampilly: From Wall Street To Main Street

During an interview, Pail Mampilly sat down to reveal his cause of why he chose to quit working for billion dollar brands to work for average Americans. It is clear to see where the financial advisor passion lies. And that passion lies with spreading the knowledge of what financial investments can do not only for the rich but for those working themselves up the ladder of financial stability and upward mobility. Visit the website paulmampillyguru.com to learn more.

Once Paul Mampilly ended his time on Wall Street, he started working for Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is an online publication with a variety of financial and investment advice from a host of industry experts. The website has over 400,000 daily readers. Readers are attracted to the site because of the wealth of advice and strategies it offers to investors. Some of the topics the publication covers is commodities, option plays, undervalued companies and small cap and mid cap stocks. The website breaks down all of these for average people looking to invest who many not have the means to get a sit down with Wall Street’s biggest financial advisors.

Paul Mampilly is one of the many experts at Banyan Hill Publishing. His passion for wanting to help the average person drew him to working for the website. Since he has been senior editor he has helped thousands of people who are not apart of the top one percent gain a better understanding of investment. Putting the needs of the readers first is what the publication prides itself on. His writings specialize in growth investments and technology companies. Paul Mampilly writes three of the website’s newsletters: Profit Unlimited, Extreme Fortune and True Momentum. These three newsletters empower readers with recommended stocks to invest in, low risk investment options and an overview of the top ten companies that have promising outlooks on returning investors a return at the 1,000 percent level.

The investment analyst today can be seen on CNBC and Bloomberg TV giving his expertise out to million of Americans looking to invest. Paul Mampilly has had a lot of accomplishments on Wall Street and now his advice is gracing the screens of tens of thousands of Banyan Hill Publishing readers on a daily basis. His passion for helping the common person excel with investments has led and will continue to lead him to much respect as an investment analyst.

Visit: https://ideamensch.com/paul-mampilly/


Having a great party or ceremony? Call on Mina Ebrahimi, owner of Saint Germain Catering.

Having memories and creating memories is one of the most important aspects of human life. In a life where the next day and the next second is not guaranteed, celebrating an achievement or a milestone life event or just having a nice time, is important just to add flavor in life. However, it is not always easy sailing especially when you want to share the joy with your friends and relatives, because you might not know how to throw a good party.

The hustle and logistics involved in planning a party stresses many people because there is a hub of activities that happen in the background to see to a successful event or party. You can bank on Mina Ebrahimi, proprietor of Saint Germain Catering, to make your event the most colorful, memorable and fun packed ceremony. Mina Ebrahimi has been doing this for the last nineteen years, and she has always exceeded expectations every time she has managed an event. She has a competent team of well-versed individuals and professionals alike, who give their best to ensure an event is the best. One of those parties that invited and uninvited guests alike, don’t want it to end.

Mina Ebrahimi runs her business with a lot of passion and dedication. It is no wonder that her company has achieved success in all the years it has been operational. Mina says that she loves to see people happy and she does all that is possible to this happen. Perhaps it is because she got involved in this line of work from an early age of eleven working in a family bakery called Tiffany’s Bakery. This gave her a strong background, and she would later decide at the age of 26 to start her own venture. Hence, Saint Germain Catering was born in 1999. Her excellent leadership and her loyalty to customers have helped her grow the company into a big event manager. Today she manages private parties, weddings, business luncheons and many more major events.

More about Mina Ebrahim

Her dedication to high standards of business earned her the 2010 Top 40 Under 40 Award. Additionally, she is the recipient of other awards such as 2014 Enterprising Woman of the Year and the Smart CEO Brava Award which she won in 2012.

Mina has a passion for animals and philanthropy and is involved in a series of charities dedicated to animal welfare. In the same spirit, she founded the Jack-Ebrahimi Program at the University of Pennsylvania which offers Interventional Radiology for Veterinary in the Country.


Penelope Kokkinides’ Efforts to Improve Puerto Rico’s Healthcare System

Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. She was elected CAO on August 2016 after rejoining the company on June 2015. She also previously served as the Chief Operating Officer and vice president of clinical operations in the same company. Ms. Kokkinides has over twenty years of experience in government health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. She is exemplarily knowledgeable in creating, developing and managing clinical applications and healthcare operations with the aim of improving its efficiency, organizational structure, and productivity.


Penelope obtained a bachelors’ degree from Binghamton University where she majored in biological sciences and classical languages. She is also a holder of a social work masters’ degree and a post-masters’ advanced degree in substance and alcohol abuse from the University of New York. She also holds a public health masters’ degree from the University of Columbia, School of Public Health.


Before rejoining InnovaCare, Penelope served as the COO and Executive Vice President for Centerlight Healthcare, Corporate Vice President at Americhoice, a branch of UnitedHealth Group and COO of Touchstone Health. She is thus very experienced in the HealthCare sector and has greatly concerned in improving Puerto Rico’s healthcare. InnovaCare leaders formed an affiliate corporation to promote the healthcare needs of Puerto Ricans. The organization also oversees all operations of Medicare y Mucho Mas. MMM has been able to establish Recargate which has recently addressed its interest concerning the health needs of Puerto Ricans.


Being the CAO at InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides understands in deep what the segments of the healthcare. In connection to that, Penelope was among the eight women who met with President Donald Trump to discuss the legislation of healthcare at the White House. Kokkinides echoed the relevance of dedicating more funds to support the Medicare Advantage Platform of Puerto Rico. She also argued that the current management should consider revising the Medicare advantage Payments to benefit the people of Puerto Rico.


More to that, Kokkinides acknowledged that the island relies solely on the Medicaid system; thus the CMS should consider fixing the cuts to benefit these people. She further postulated that if Medicaid systems fail in Puerto Rico, many people would be forced to go to the States. This would pose a significant challenge in paying for medical services by the Puerto Ricans due to increase in costs.


Ted Bauman Helps Banyan Hill Publishing Inform Readers

400,000 readers venture to Banyon Hill Publishing’s website every day. A significant percentage of readers subscribe to premium content in order to learn more. Editor Ted Bauman handles three newsletters including one appropriately dubbed The Bauman Letter. Why do so many people wish to read the material produced by Banyan Hill Publishing?

Essentially, investors want to discover actionable information. They want information to help them make better financial decisions. They want to know more about the world of finance. Driving their motivations would be the clear goal of attaining financial freedom. The theme of financial freedom has been a hallmark of Banyon Hill Publishing since its early days of being founded as the Sovereign Society. Financial freedom allows people to live full lives. Sound investing and proper financial decisions lead in the direction of such freedom. Read more about Ted at affiliatedork.com

To choose appropriate stocks as investment vehicles supports the cause of financial freedom. As a stock increases in value, so does net worth. As editor of Banyan Hill Publishing’s Alpha Stock Alert, Ted Bauman understands information about stocks must be well-crafted in order to help get the necessary information across to readers. The readers likely wish to be well-informed investors about stocks and other assets. If they lacked such a desire, they wouldn’t be subscribing to a newsletter designed to expand their awareness about the subject of stocks.

The newsletters edited by Ted Bauman and the other content created by Banyan Hill Publishing covers a wide range of topics. Through accessing the material published by Banyan Hill, readers gain access to a variety of perspectives on numerous topics.

The readers can review opinions and insights from financial experts. This may prove to be a huge help to the readers. While enthusiastic about finance and investing, the readers aren’t experts. Being able to read content crafted by experts such as Ted Bauman can prove eye-opening to them.

Growing and protecting wealth remain two goals any investor, expert or not, embraces. The material presented in the Banyon Hill Publishing website and related premium newsletters hopes to expand reader horizons on how to attain these goals. Informational content on the world markets and various other finance-related topics helps with expanding those knowledge horizons.

The company does dismiss “cookie cutter” and “one-size-fits-all advice” disseminated from common financial sources. Generic advice lacks depth and can come off as trite. To find an alternative source of information, readers turn towards Banyan Hill Publishing. View: http://www.gold-eagle.com/authors/ted-bauman


Michael Hagele’s 4 Tips For Success

Michael Hagele is a legal business advisor and suave, diverse investor with love for technology. He is an alumnus of the universities of Iowa and Ca at Berkeley. Michael is a firm believer in business diversification. He has a rich career background involving a variety of ventures, including startups in the hospitality industry. He has also been instrumental in drafting some key business agreements and documents for some firms.

Career and Business

Michael Hagele early career in business law was the impetus for his success. He received practical knowledge and experience, as the legal counsel for Fen week and West LLP. Hea also worked for some technology firms. He developed agreements in domestic and international law. He also drafted commercial contracts for properties in the technology and communication industries. He upholds networking, tenacity and leisure time as ingredients for a successful career and life.


Michael Hagel’s friends are many and drawn from a variety of industries in and out of the USA. He reiterates the significance of social media in forging strong network communities. He spends time each day communing with his friends, partners and associates online. Networking he says keeps clients and partners connected. It also enhances the spread of information and ideas. Follow Michael on Instagram


He is a hard worker and overachiever. He has established a reputation and status in the market as an effective and efficient deal broker. He is motivated rather than discouraged by failure.


He believes his clients are his most valuable assets and priority. He is always pleasant, considerate and professional in dealing with them. He attributes his success as a business attorney to customer loyalty.

Leisure Time

Each day, Michael Hagele spent time in the outdoors. Among his favourite leisure time activities are mountain or road bikes. He believes that physical exercise is necessary revitalises and invigorates.

Michael Hagele is an accomplished business investor and advisor with diverse interests and a love for technology. His greatest interest at the moment is artificial intelligence. It may be his next great investment idea, who knows?

View: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/


Felipe Montoro Jens Report From IDB

Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure project expert reported that, the Inter-American Development Bank president Luis Moreno where the American Latin challenges are said to be the convergence of the infrastructure. The other issue is the improvement in connectivity between Brazil and Spain because investments have become lower than what is necessary. According to the bank’s president, the region can’t be able to have achieved necessary requirement in development so that it can be able to get over the obstacles towards growth without it. Luis Moreno also emphasized how IDB has been able to do adoption of the new demands which has resulted to reinforcing policies that demand on the equality of gender. The other adoption is the sustainability of the environment o that they can be able to do project execution. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

Minister for the planning, development and also management Dyogo Olivera, said that Brazil has been able to make several Public-Private Partnership which is for the public works but it was emphasized by Felipe Montoro Jens. Dyogo also said that Brazilian government has taken actions in infrastructure development by financing it which is aligned with the best practices to the regional countries are much in the line which are guidelines for the actions of IDB and other multilateral agents that Brazil participates.

In the news from the portal on planning, development and management ministry, the Public-Private Partnership are in the Caribbean and Latin America. This is because, in the past decade, more than 1,000 infrastructure under Public-Private Partnership that is worth $ 360 billion has been developed. The ministry said that even after gaining of that history with the projects, most of the projects have now been unable to mobilize the private capital. The loans that have been given to Brazil last year now is the US $12.9 billion which is 20% higher than what was given in 2016 as Felipe Montoro Jens concluded.

It was I a special meeting that was held in Argentina for IDB governors and took place at a city called Mendoza. Luis Caputo, who was Argentina’s Finance minister and acted as the Board Of Governors was also there. See more of Montoro Jens here: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/