Felipe Montoro Jens Provides Expertise on Infrastructure Development

Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert on the subject matter of infrastructure. He also has insider’s information about Brazil’s private industry being on the uptick. This is good information for anyone looking to possibly invest in foreign markets. Education is critical for the development of any country. As such, Rio de Janeiro is working on ways to invest in their children’s education. The goal is to accomplish its goals through public private partnerships. Visit This Page for additional info.

This allows things to get done in a quicker fashion, and to avoid the red tape often associated with the government. The public/private partnership became Brazilian law in 2014. The partnership backs the city’s municipality and will result in 20,000 new jobs. There are at least 40,000 pre-school openings the project can fill by 2020. It is a huge undertaking by the city, but Rio de Janeiro commits itself to making it a successful project.

The International Finance Corporation, along with the World Bank, will provide consulting services and support needed to build out the city’s preschool and nursery projects. The IFC took on the project for $2.3 million. According to Felipe Montono Jens, it happens to be the largest institution in the private sector that places focus on developing countries.

Jens is a strong supporter of projects that combine the expertise and support of both the public and private sectors. He has a strong background in finance and has worked in the investment sector for years. He also has a strong track record of success. His leadership as CEO of the company he worked for helped to turn it around. In April of 2010, Jens was appointed Director of Braskem S.A. He moved on from this position in 2013.

Learn more: https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-a-historia-do-processo-de-privatizacao-no-brasil,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html


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