Bernardo Chua and the Social Media Scene

Bernardo Chua has proven himself to be a fierce businessman. He has become one of the most notable coffee company entrepreneurs in the world. He has a global force with Organo Gold, and it appears that more people are learning about the coffee that has the healing agent of a mushroom as part of the ingredients.

This healing mushroom that is part of Asian culture is what made Bernardo Chua and his brand of gourmet coffee stand out. This is what most people inside of the inner circle of Internet coffee buyers and small shop coffee consumers know about this brand. This ganoderma mushroom is what made the coffee stand out, and it has also allowed Bernardo to gain a platform where he could promote many more products. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

He has been keeping the marketing strong by utilizing social media like Twitter and Instagram to post an assortment of products that people can utilize from the Organo Gold brand. People that want to know more about this company can go on Facebook and see the various post that are coming into place when he talks about his brand.

Customers that want to know more about other products like tea and healthcare products can see the Organo Gold commercial and also find out about the description of these products through his Facebook or Twitter accounts. What Bernardo Chua does is make people aware of just how well his brand is evolving. When there are new products and services that are added to the Organo Gold family people can go to Facebook to see what is being posted about these new products. They do not need to worry about watching television commercials or looking for any type of print ads about Organo Gold. Bernardo knows that his most successful platform for marketing comes through social media. This is where he has been able to cut the cost of marketing and focus on an environment where people are able to recommend and learn about his products instantly.

The Organo Gold Line is strong, and it continues to flourish as Bernardo takes on new products.

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