Paul Mampilly on the growth of investment industry

Since Paul Mampilly joined the investment sector in 1991, he has made an impact that will take many years to erase. In the recent years, he has taken a course that is proving helpful to many people in the United States who would not have an idea about making a profitable investment. Paul Mampilly is committed to helping everyone as long they are willing to learn. Already he has over 100,000 subscribers to his newsletter who are making it big in the industry. Paul Mampilly recognizes the need to help the main street Americans who would like to be given an opportunity to improve their lives through profitable opportunities.

Paul Mampilly experience in the industry is one that cannot be compared to many investors in the country. He has been in the industry for close to three decades now. In this time, she has performed way better than anyone else in the industry. He has won the various trader’s accolades beating the best of the best in the Wall Street. He has also managed to show his abilities by leading his hedge fund to be the best in the country in 2006. He was the hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset management. During his tenure as a manager, he raised the capital in the firm from $6 billion to over $25 billion in a very short time. Red more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

Paul Mampilly record, therefore, speaks for itself. Anyone who has been to Wall Street knows his name. He has worked with the best firm in the Wall Street and beyond. He now appears in mainstream media such as CNBC and Bloomberg, where he talks about various investment opportunities. Paul Mampilly is dedicated to passing information to the ordinary investor. He knows that he can visualize the stock markets better than average investor and can, therefore, guide them on how to make the best investments.

Paul Mampilly was originally from India. He initially came to the United States to study. He has a degree in finance and accounting from Montclair State University and MBA from Fordham University. He has also taken courses in financial engineering to help him analyze financial matters better than the ordinary investors.

Paul Mampilly is hoping to use his newsletter profits Unlimited to reach as many people as possible. This newsletter has been in the market two years now, and many subscribers have seen huge benefits. The stocks which Paul Mampilly recommends have been doing exemplary well.



Ian King: Looking into the Future of Crypto

With the recent surges in the value of stocks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, one can say that we’re experiencing a digital age version of the gold rush. Ian King proposes that cryptocurrency functions similarly to companies such as Uber and Dropbox that experienced a 400% return in a few years after they launched. King states that there are currently 41 cryptocurrencies that are valued at over $1 billion and has coined the term “cryptocorn” to describe the blockchain exponential growth. “Cryptocorn” is based off of the term “unicorn” – a word that economists use to describe a rare start-up that achieved $1 billion in returns within a short amount of time. Visit Ian King on facebook for more updates.

All of Ian King’s articles on Medium revolve around the current state and the possible future of cryptocurrencies. His most recent article highlights the exponential growth that blockchain projects are experiencing. He marks the surge of the Bitcoin as a marker of a new era of cryptocurrency markets and how there are a number of benefits blockchain has to provide that the public has yet to look into. King has been an accomplished cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of investment experience. He is the founder of the website, Intellicoins which is dedicated to providing expert analysis, real-time trade data, and live trading webinars for investors.

Before becoming the founder of Intellicoins, Ian King has spent a decade as a head trader at Peahi Capital. He started out as a desk clerk at the Salomon Brothers’ mortgage bond trading department before moving to Citigroup where he looked into credit derivatives. King holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Lafayette College.

King is a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing and is dedicated to helping readers grasp a better understanding of the expanding crypto market. He also works as a contributor to Banyon Hill’s financial magazine- Sovereign Investor Daily. Learn  more:


The Profile of one of Baltimore’s Financial Leaders: Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial and operations leader with an outstanding background. Kevin Seawright obtained his MBA at Almeda University. He is also a University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business alumni, graduated in Executive Leadership. He began his career serving the City of Baltimore as a Managing Fiscal Officer, and continued his work with the City of Baltimore as the Finance Director for the Department of Housing and subsequently became the C.F.O. for the Department of Recreation and Parks. He also volunteers at the Suffolk Virginia Parks & Recreation Department as a Basketball Coach.

His impressive resume covers over a decade of experience and an accumulated depth of knowledge of finance and the management of personnel. Kevin has always loved public service and used his financial expertise to help communities on the East Coast for over a decade. He has worked as Payroll Director, Finance Director, Budget Manager, and Managing Fiscal Officer; to name a few. Eventually taking the role of Executive Director of Operations for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community. Read more at Markets Insider.

In 2011, Kevin decided to focus on the private sector as he took on the role of Vice President Operations for Tito Contractors; a construction company based in Washington D.C. Today, he works at Real Property Solutions LLC. where he oversees the operations of the company. He is the founder, C.O.O. and managing partner.

Real Property Solutions, LLC. is based in Baltimore, and their focus is on building and renovating properties with the long-term goal of bringing affordable housing to the Baltimore community.

Real Property Solutions works with first time buyers in specific areas of Baltimore. Over the course of the last few years, RPS has been key to increasing the rate of homeownership in the city. When Kevin isn’t working and improving the community, he loves spending time with his daughter.

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Technology Protects and Threatens

Securus Technologies, which is the technological safety company based in Austin, Texas, has been America’s top choice when it comes to providing safety technological solutions. They have been America’s top choice for the last three decades. Their products touch the realms of law enforcement, public safety, private investigations, and correctional facilities. Their products can be seen in over 1000 prisons and keep 1.2 million prisoners save every single year.


Recently however, the innovation of Securus technologies has been challenged by a brand-new problem. Many of us have seen those new drones being sold at Walmart and Best Buy. Mainly they’re used as hobby items to track birds, get better photographs, and spy on the neighbor’s kids. Unfortunately, they have also been used for much more nefarious purposes.


Many criminals have begun using drones to deliver illegal contraband to other inmates who are locked inside the prison system. This has been plaguing both state prisons and federal prisons for the last six years. This poses a great threat to other inmates inside the prison as well as the personnel that guards them and the community that surrounds the prison. These drones have been delivering cell phones, which are routinely used to continue to plot crime, drugs which help dealers inside the jail system continue their business, pornography, and weapons that are used to harm other inmates.


The engineering team at Securus Technologies has been working day and night in order to come up with a way to end this threat to the prison system. They believe they can utilize their Wireless Containment Solutions to prevent drones from gaining access to the prison system. They believe that as the drone approaches they can tap into the drone’s unique signature and turn off its power so that it cannot gain access. They hope that one day they will be able to use the Wireless Containment Solutions to override all security measures and force the drone to land. This helps them discover the items inside and track them to the culprit responsible.


Securus Technologies promises to continue working to perfect this deterrent technology. So far they have been working for 18 months calling in the greatest professionals in both the engineering and technology sectors in order to implement and install this brand-new program.


Securus Technologies has recently received the validation they needed to prove that they were the top dog in technology. In 2017, the company received three different Stevie Awards. While these awards are not as well known as the Oscars, with in the area of customer service and safety the Stevie Awards is the most prestigious award one can win. They took home gold, silver, and bronze.


Hussain Sajwani – From Medical School to Real Estate Mogul

Starting out in medical school, Hussain Sajwani never would have thought he would be running a multibillion-dollar real estate business. Though Hussain always knew he loved business, growing up to the parents that are entrepreneurs, he never quite thought he would get into the business because of all the harsh struggles that he saw his father going through, running to the store. Nonetheless, Hussain decided to start his own company, conquer his fears and be an international success. He started his very first company the DAMAC group, which is a real estate company with a specialty in leisure and commercial properties.


Some of the major projects they have worked on include large luxurious golfing communities and mansions. For instance, Hussain and DAMAC completed the Trump International Golf Course that opened in 2017, early in the year. This is an 18 hole course that has received awards internationally to include property awards in London. Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC work with some of the top people in the industry selling multi-million dollar real estate. With that in mind, it may be hard to believe that they are still very humble and philanthropic. Many people would think that someone who’s worth over $4 billion would not care about giving back, but with Hussain growing up in a close-knit family and community, it is something that was very important to him.


One of the main focuses of philanthropy for Hussain Sajwani is working with the youth groups. DAMAC supports charities that work with over 50,000 children and they not only support them financially but also as a mentor to push them to levels of success that they wouldn’t usually get to. He is an avid believer in education and business and wants to bring them back to the community to help everyone achieve a common goal.


With all that has been accomplished, you would think that Hussain Sajwani would be ready to lay back and enjoy his money. Contrarily he is always thinking about the next level of success and is already working on his next big projects to continue building his business empire.

CEO Hussain Sajwani Of DAMAC Properties Talks About One Of His Latest Projects

DAMAC Properties, a company founded by businessman Hussain Sajwani, recently announced that they had issued a new tender for a property in Dubai. This is a project that is building a six-tower structure called AKYON City. It is a luxury development that will be located on Sheikh Zayed Road next to the Dubai Canal.

The tender is going to be used to build the ground floor, three basements below it, and 10 podium levels above. It will feature 49 floors of residences and one level that will be for entertainment and lifestyle purposes. Altogether the structure will contain 1.7 million square feet.

DAMAC Properties Senior Vice President Mohammed Tahaineh said that the work on this project is progressing rapidly. The piling work has already been completed, he said, and he expects that it will possibly be in May 2018 that they finalize a deal with a new construction partner for the next stage of development.

As the CEO of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani is heavily involved in this luxury property development. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 when the Dubai government issued a ruling that foreigners could own property in the United Arab Emirate. He says he saw this as a huge opportunity to develop and sell luxury properties to foreigners who do a lot of business in this nation.

The first company that Hussain Sajwani partnered with on the AKYON City project was the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. This deal was worth about AED 600 million and this company is building one of the six towers.

CEO Hussain Sajwani has said that AKYON City is one of the most ambitious real estate developments that he has engaged in to date. What he is building is essentially a city within a city. There will be residences, including serviced apartments, as well as office space and a hotel for guests. AKYON Plaza will be the gathering place for those seeking lifestyle and entertainment options. AKYON Plaza will have things such as multiple swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, a beach club, a spae, and more. One place, called The Club, will only be available to residents of AKYON City.

Jed McCaleb is Linking Unbanked Individuals with Banking Institutions

Jed McCaleb is a prominent American programmer. He first made a name for himself in the industry when he contributed to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry by founding Mt. Gox. Thereafter, McCaleb delved into pioneer projects that included eDonkey, a peer-to-peer network for file sharing. Like most networks, eDonkey is decentralized and best suited for sharing vast files. Moreover, eDonkey provides long-term availability of these files.


Background Data


EDonkey emerged to be a successful endeavor in the file-sharing business. Afterwards, Jed McCaleb decided to delve into a project called Stellar. First announced in 2004, Stellar was Jed McCaleb’s way of saying that he recognizes the broken infrastructure of the financial world. He additionally explains that he realized many people lack the resources to establish financial stability and the freedom they need to improve their lives. Consequently, Jed McCaleb joined Joyce Kim to create what would later be branded as his major success story. At Stellar. Org, McCaleb spends more than ten hours with some of the world’s smartest technologist and thinkers trying to improve technology and financial structures.




As the co-founder of, McCaleb is in charge of the technical and managerial teams. In the technical team, he streamlines the universal financial network with a focus on increasing economic inclusion. On the other hand, in management, he builds a communication network by responding to emails and managing other business associated communication platforms.


Leadership and Contribution


As a responsible leader, Jed McCaleb oversees Stellar’s support system. All too often, the organization receives support from the famous This is a not-for-profit organization focused on supporting technology as well as digital literacy. Moreover, contributes to the company’s open source software. That is how the company maintains its relevance in the society.




Jed McCaleb commits to finding better ways of improving the current technologies. In his capacity as an experienced programmer, Jed has worked with a significant number of experts to establish a stable platform for financial infrastructure.


Additional Information


Statistics indicate that about 2.5 billion people are unbanked. Consequently, Jed McCaleb is on a mission to connect these people with reliable banks for savings. By linking banking institutions, Jed McCaleb is convinced that Stellar will make it easy as well as affordable for these people to access banking services.

Joel Friant Re-Introduces The World To His Habanero Pepper Product

Habanero pepper flakes are a great way to bring heat to your food as they feature 200,000 Scoville units of heat on average. They also taste really good with a flavor that some have described as buttery with a hint of smokiness. Joel Friant is a small business owner who says he first came to love these peppers while he was attending high school. A friend of his had brought one to school for him to try and he says it was love at first sight.

After graduating from high school Joel Friant decided to establish his own companies rather than work for someone else. He started out in the real estate sector where he had a home remodeling business. Eventually, he was able to put together enough money to start a restaurant that featured Thai cuisine. It was during this period of his life, in the mid-1990s, that he thought of how he could develop a product that featured the habanero pepper. He had tried other peoples products based on this ingredient but he found them lacking. He decided to release his own premium version called the Habanero Shaker. He only used pure, ground habanero peppers in his products without any other ingredients or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. He sold this in a number of large grocery stores in the state of Washington and found pretty good success. While he was pleased with sales he decided to instead focus on another venture he had recently started, one where he bought foreclosed houses, rehabilitated them, and then selling them at a price where he could turn a profit.

In 2012 Joel Friant decided to learn about how he could make money selling products on the internet. He loved the concept because your product basically has a worldwide audience. He married this interest to his old habanero pepper product and released the Original Habanero Shaker. He sells this on both Amazon and eBay. It’s sold in a high-quality container that is large enough to have a six month to two year supply while at the same time being small enough to fit into a pocket or purse.

This AvaTrade Review Is Worth Reading

This brief AvaTrade review is worth reading. By the end of it, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should signup for an account with the online Forex trading company.


Brief AvaTrade Review

To start with, AvaTrade has been in business for over a decade and they comply with strict regulatory requirements. The Forex and CFD company is licensed and authorized for numerous jurisdictions, including Australia, South Africa, Japan, the European Union and the British Virgin Islands.


AvaTrade has been the recipient of a number if awards, such as an award in customer support, an award for having the best alert system and an award for being the best provider of financial derivative trading instruments. In 2016, the broker received the best Forex broker of 2016 award, which was given by FXEmpire.


The company offers a number of platforms to traders, such as MetaTrader platform for Mac, Meta Trader platform for floating spreads and Meta Trader platform for web trading. They also have platforms for automated trading and they use AvaTradeAct platform, which is a proprietary platform. In general, the company offers eight types of platforms for traders to choose from.


Another good thing about AvaTrade is the hundreds of instruments that can be traded via its platform. They even allow the trading of some cryptocurrencies.


AvaTrade: More About The Broker

The company’s main offices are in Ireland, but they do have a number of offices in major cities across the world, including Sydney, Tokyo, Paris and Milan. Since 2009, AvaTrade has been the recipient of nine industry awards and the chances are they will continue to receive awards. It only took AvaTrade a few short years to attract thousands of registered customers who collectively execute millions of traders per month.


Within a few short years, AvaTrade has expanded enormously, with 200,000 registered customers globally executing more than two million trades a month. In most months, the average trading volume is in the billions. This isn’t surprising because AvaTrade is considered by many to be one of the top Forex and CFD brokers around.

Oxford Club Offers A Host Of Services To Pique Any Investor’s Interests

Oxford Club recently shared its list of trading services, hoping to show investors the advantages to joining the club. The Oxford Club is a private association that unites entrepreneurs and investors in a way that allows all members to benefit from trading recommendations. Investments suggested to members typically outperform average returns, giving investors a better chance at growing their capital

The services offered by Oxford Club are:

Advanced Energy Strategist – This service is ideal for investors looking to take advantage of of the growth and changes in the energy sector.

Automatic Trading Millionaire – Offers suggestions for you obtaining income and buying low-risk stocks at a premium discount.

Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio – Managed by macro strategist Eric Fry, this service helps investors locate companies that are on the verge of experiencing sudden growth spurts.

The Insider Alert – A service that provides legal insights on company and sector developments, which often lead to unique investment opportunities.

Lighting Trend Trader – Often, something will occur that can cause a stock to rise unprecedentedly. This service identifies those stocks, so investors can take advantage of the growth.

The Momentum Alert – As the name suggests, this service recommends companies with a long history of steady growth.

Oxford Bond Advantage – A service that helps investors minimize risk, as they invest in the country’s top companies.

Prime System Trader – Identifies stocks that will outperform by 300-600% above average returns.

Tactical Trader Alert – Identifies investments that are expected to show significant gains in equity markets.

True Value Alert – Identifies stocks that are trading for less than their value.

The Viper Alert – Stocks expected to experience impressive short-term gains.

Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert – This service is limited to Chairman’s Circle members and helps members receive better than average returns by following successful stock market patterns.

The Oxford Club spans across 130 countries and can boast more than 157,000 members. The organization was first named The Passport Club, when it was founded in 1989. The new name was introduced in 1991 as a way of paying tribute to timeless values, while also embracing the technological advances of the future.

The founders of the organization believed there was an opportunity to create the best investment opportunities through cooperation and shared knowledge. They believed networking within the club would provide a better quality of investing insight than that provided through traditional news sources. The Oxford Club prides itself on researching investment opportunities that promise the greatest returns with the lowest risk.