George Street Photo and Video in Seattle

When three young photographers met in a small Indiana town, they wanted to put together a nationwide alliance of talented photographers and videographers all across the United States. The idea was to share talents and procedures so people could experience good results under a national name. Thus George Street Photo and Video Address was formed, as the basement in which the original three met was located on George Street.

In downtown Seattle, you will be very happy to work with Julianna J. Photography. Clients who work with this company will be amazed at the consideration and professionalism that is displayed by this company. They take their time to be sure that the client is happy with the results of their extremely professional approach.

Kelly Ganter and Kimberly K. are also George Street professionals who offer expert results for wedding photography in the Seattle area. Clients give them rave reviews for their expertise and quality results in the Seattle metropolitan area.

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