Betsy DeVos Has Always Supported Parents’ Rights In Regards To Freedom Of Educational Choice

Betsy DeVos decided to let transgender and gay employees who work for the Education Department know, ahead of time, about the fact that President Trump was going to rescind a federal policy that made it ok for transgender students to choose whatever bathroom they wanted to use. While it was reported that she, herself, had been opposed to the ruling, she didn’t let on to the public that she was having any kind of disagreement with Trump. When the policy was officially announced, she was on the scene and spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference. These events may have led some to believe that she is going to be a weaker part of the administration, but those who come from her home-state of Michigan know that she is a savvy political scrapper who works behind the scenes.


When Betsy DeVos first showed up in Washington, she didn’t have a lot of experience working inside of the government, and she doesn’t really have a history of being involved with President Trump either. Others have pointed out that she has never attended a public school, herself, and that this is true for her children, as well. Those closest to her say none of this really matters, because she will be making new connections and learning how to do her job soon enough. She has had plenty of experience in Michigan, where her husband, Dick DeVos, ran for governor and where she has fought for tax dollars to pay for private school tuition.


Betsy DeVos has, in fact, been working for years to win the approval from the government for tax dollars to be used to pay for vouchers that allow parents to choose the school that their children attend. It has been her mission to enable poor families to have the same choices that wealthier families do in regards to picking out the school that they want their kids to go to.


Along with non-profit private schools, she has also supported the right for tax dollars to be used for for-profit private schools. In Detroit, her hard work has led to the city being the home of the nation’s densest population of private and charter schools. While many people are afraid that Betsy DeVos, as the Secretary of Education for the United States, will work to undermine public schools and work to shut them down, she has openly stated that she expects the majority of children to continue to go to public schools.


Betsy DeVos was raised in Holland, Michigan and studied at Calvin College where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics. She has participated in Michigan politics supporting the conservative party since 1982 and has worked to raise funds for conservative causes over the years, as well. It is her greatest hope that the United States will become a country that supports the rights of parents to choose the school that their children attend regardless of the zip code they live in, and as the new Secretary of Education for the United States, she is well on her way to making her goals a reality.


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FlávioMaluf: Merger and Acquisition of Duratex with an expansion to proposed new markets and new heights!

FlávioMaluf is the president of a corporation known as Eucatex. He issued a statement to his employees in which he communicated the merger and acquisition of a company doing business as Duratexpending regulatory approval. FlávioMaluf explained that the company acquired, produces wood fibre sheets. Duratexis located in the city of Botucatu. Flavio Maluf explained the rationale and business strategy for the merger. He also gave reasons for acquiring Duratex stating that this acquisition would support an increase in production of wood fibre sheets by 70%. It will also increase the capacity of paint production by 30% and an increase of paper printing will occur at a resulting 40%. These increases will be beneficial to long term production goals for Eucatex. These changes will ensure better planning and forecasting as well as increased capacity. On the operations side, Flavio Maluf explained that this will reduce expenses due to production and maintenance. Marketing and sales will be able to examine future planned markets that the company is not currently participating in both in Brazil and across the globe. This will enable the corporate leaders to see how the company will benefit from participating in additional markets. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Duratex has a unit in Itapetinga which will be operated in conjunction to the Eucatex farm in Capão Bonito. The exchange will be for the Botucatu plant for wood sheets. This plant has 280 employees and a gross forecasted production of 200 m³ annually.

Currently the business is estimated at approximately R $60 million. In April, there will be a re-inauguration with Duratex resuming the production of the factory in Itapetinga.

FlávioMaluf shared his hope for the acquisition and explained his thoughts on how it will boost the synergy of all units to ensure increased production. The possibilities of new opportunities are appealing. There will be an increase in future employment boosting the local employment rate. This will provide with increased economic benefits specifically due to this acquisition. FlávioMaluf envisions opportunities both in Brazil and abroad across all the markets for the products and services offered by the the company. Visit:


Investment Guru Paul Mampilly Exposes Readers to Major Medical Investment Opportunity

Profits Unlimited is a newsletter run by Paul Mampilly. He uses the newsletter as a way to inform his readers of stocks that will provide the highest rate of return. Profits Unlimited has established an engaged community of considerable size. Upwards of 90,000 readers are subscribed to the newsletter. Mampilly also authors another newsletter titled, Extreme Fortunes and operates a research service by the name of True Momentum.

He recommended precision medicine as an investment in the Profits Unlimited newsletter. Mampilly expressed that there is a revolution going on in precision medicine and it will lead to taking up a significant portion of the market share in the healthcare industry. According to Paul Mampilly, precision medicine is the “greatest medical breakthrough” of all time. He went on to advocate further, saying that it is more crucial and useful than every medical device, vaccination, and drug the modern world currently has available. He feels that Precision medicine will spur a health Revolution that will provide disease solutions. Follow Paul Mampilly on Facebook.

So what is precision medicine exactly? This type of medication works by being customized for the genetic makeup of a particular individual. The concept behind it is that your treatment involves medicine that prevents your body from developing a specific disease.

Compare this to a tailored outfit that is made bespoke, just for you and can prevent the development of specific conditions. For example conditions such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease are treated according to the person’s DNA. If a person has already developed a condition, precision medicine helps medical professionals select the most beneficial treatment. The primary focus of precision medicine treatment is the examination of a person’s genes.

As a part of his experience, Mampilly managed accounts valued in the millions of dollars in 1991. Subsequently, he operated Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund. He successfully increased the assets of the firm to $25 billion. The fund that he managed received the honor of Barron’s title of “World’s Best” due to the astounding 26% annual returns delivered by the fund.

Mampilly also was invited to join an investment competition by the Templeton Foundation. He entered the contest with $50 million and exited at $88 million. Mampilly managed to achieve this feat during America’s financial crisis during 2008 and 2009. His expertise has earned him features on Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg to name a few. More information can be found by visiting:


Who is Jeff Yastine and What Are the Kennedy Accounts?

Jeff Yastine may have studied journalism at the University of Florida, but today, he is a thought leader when it comes to investments and growing wealth. Jeff is a regular contributor to where he writes about investment opportunities, wealth management, cybersecurity and more as well as the editor of Banyan Hill’s Total Wealth Insider. Visit the website to learn more.

Jeff Yastine is a significantly qualified and experienced financial journalist and stock market investor. Before becoming an investor, Jeff Yastine had the opportunity to interview some of the top names in economics, business, and finance including but not limited to Sir Richard Branson, Frank Perdue, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Warren Buffet, Wayne Huizenga of Waste Management and Michael Dell of Dell Computers.

Jeff Yastine, however, has become very well-known for a video he released covering whether the Kennedy Accounts are real or just another get rich quick scheme.

So What are the Kennedy Accounts?

The Kennedy Accounts are accounts that were set up under John F. Kennedy during his presidency in an effort to keep Americans investing or otherwise to “Get America Moving Again” as its economic status at the time was dim. According to reports, the Kennedy Accounts under IRS Code 85 allow for individuals to directly invest in companies via what is known as DSPPs or Direct Stock Purchase Plans. This allows not only for more people to invest, but it also for American companies to rake in a lot of cash!

This was the whole idea. Keep American’s investing in American companies and help drive the economy back into the green! Of course, the Kennedy Accounts aren’t something that Wall Street wants people to know about as it could stand to cut their profits drastically. Visit:



Brian Torchin: An innovator in medical resourcing helping pave the way.

A well known name in the chiropractic field, Brian Torchin has not only helped with expansion of health recruiter counseling with his growing company, but always takes his time to ensure client satisfaction. Building long term relationships and creating the right business solutions is the reason why his name is being recognized by many in the industry.

Brian graduated from the University of Delaware along with studying in New York Chiropractic College, his background is extensive with knowledge in his field. His attention to detail has created him his own niche to have a successful business as well as helping others succeed. Offering comprehensive advice and tools to others has always been a top priority for him, even sacrificing odd hours and weekends to help others however he can.

This hard work and dedication to the industry truly shows, with his own blog you can follow his work and thought process along with tips to guide those in the business. His name is good and is known for his honest work ethic. A growing business in helping others grow their business is what working should be all about. Helping others can help you, he knows this. A well seasoned professional, who is constantly looking for new information to be that much more knowledgeable is someone we can all take notes and learn from. A true master of his craft, an inventor of sorts. Bringing two aspects of a business fused into one stop.

For a man like Brian Torchin, there is definitely more in store for the future and what he can come up with next. He cares for providers as much as he does patients, keeping integrity on what he does to make a difference in the medical world. See more:


Hussain Sajwani Becomes The Leading Luxury Real Estate Developer In Dubai

The luxury real estate markets of the world are now worth billions of dollars to different developers seeking to gain an advantage over their competitors in any way possible.

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has spent the last few years seeking different ways of building his client base and has developed a series of partnerships he feels will provide a strategic business model which allows various luxury brands to join forces with the DAMAC brand; amongst those who have formed partnerships with the Dubai-based real estate development company are Versace Home and the Trump Organization.

The arrival of Hussain Sajwani on the scene of the Dubai real estate markets came at a time when the government of the UAE had finally decided to open up the real estate sector to foreign nationals who were already flooding into the desert state as tourists.

DAMAC was formed in 2002 as a response to the changing rules on real estate ownership and the fledgling business took a gamble on a piece of land purchased in a part of Dubai then undeveloped; Hussain Sajwani shocked the real estate sector by selling every unit in his first luxury real estate development prior to ground being broken on site.

Over the course of his career as a real estate developer, the DAMAC owner has stated his belief in his own business model remains unwavering as he believes the main reason for his success over the last decade and a half has been aided by a unique funding system.

When Hussain Sajwani entered the luxury real estate markets he found himself in a business where it was common practice for developers to use funds from one project to complete another.

The 2008 global crash saw many of Sajwani’s rivals pushed out of business because of their funding issues which is not a problem the DAMAC owner has faced as he has created many partnerships including those with Versace Home to aid in the development of the AYKON London One building.

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Jeremy Goldstein Is A Compensation Expert Advocating For A Knockout Clause

Companies have always struggled to find the proper level of compensation for their employees, especially since all individuals have their own opinions. Incentives in the form of stocks are the most popular option and have been for a very long time, though this may be changing in the near future. Thanks to compensation experts such as Jeremy Goldstein, there are new options on the horizon that could benefit both employees and companies when it comes to compensation methods. Jeremy Goldstein has been dealing with compensation law for many years and has his own law firm in New York known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein has recently published several articles that can be found on the web discussing what the possible options are in terms of incentives for companies to offer, but he says a knockout option may be the best course of action. This would allow employees to clearly see what a company offers in terms of their compensation throughout a year, instead of the complicated stock options that have unpredictable values at times. According to Jeremy Goldstein, most employees in business would rather have a higher salary throughout the year than have incentives in the form of stocks.


With the knockout rules in effect, companies would be able to take more control of the compensation methods they offer their employees. This would eliminate a load of paperwork, which saves time and money for the company. It also allows smaller companies that do not have a lot of assets to properly compensate their employees without going bankrupt. Jeremy Goldstein has been working as a lawyer for more than 15 years and has handled compensation issues for some of the biggest companies in the country today. He has thoroughly gone through the pros and cons, which he has outlined in his latest publications. The only significant drawback to this option is it would potentially allow companies to abuse the system and manipulate stocks for their own benefit and profits. Fortunately, this is highly unlikely c5nsidering it is illegal, so employees will ultimately receive more compensation week to week. Learn more:

Paul Mampilly on the growth of investment industry

Since Paul Mampilly joined the investment sector in 1991, he has made an impact that will take many years to erase. In the recent years, he has taken a course that is proving helpful to many people in the United States who would not have an idea about making a profitable investment. Paul Mampilly is committed to helping everyone as long they are willing to learn. Already he has over 100,000 subscribers to his newsletter who are making it big in the industry. Paul Mampilly recognizes the need to help the main street Americans who would like to be given an opportunity to improve their lives through profitable opportunities.

Paul Mampilly experience in the industry is one that cannot be compared to many investors in the country. He has been in the industry for close to three decades now. In this time, she has performed way better than anyone else in the industry. He has won the various trader’s accolades beating the best of the best in the Wall Street. He has also managed to show his abilities by leading his hedge fund to be the best in the country in 2006. He was the hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset management. During his tenure as a manager, he raised the capital in the firm from $6 billion to over $25 billion in a very short time. Red more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

Paul Mampilly record, therefore, speaks for itself. Anyone who has been to Wall Street knows his name. He has worked with the best firm in the Wall Street and beyond. He now appears in mainstream media such as CNBC and Bloomberg, where he talks about various investment opportunities. Paul Mampilly is dedicated to passing information to the ordinary investor. He knows that he can visualize the stock markets better than average investor and can, therefore, guide them on how to make the best investments.

Paul Mampilly was originally from India. He initially came to the United States to study. He has a degree in finance and accounting from Montclair State University and MBA from Fordham University. He has also taken courses in financial engineering to help him analyze financial matters better than the ordinary investors.

Paul Mampilly is hoping to use his newsletter profits Unlimited to reach as many people as possible. This newsletter has been in the market two years now, and many subscribers have seen huge benefits. The stocks which Paul Mampilly recommends have been doing exemplary well.



Ian King: Looking into the Future of Crypto

With the recent surges in the value of stocks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, one can say that we’re experiencing a digital age version of the gold rush. Ian King proposes that cryptocurrency functions similarly to companies such as Uber and Dropbox that experienced a 400% return in a few years after they launched. King states that there are currently 41 cryptocurrencies that are valued at over $1 billion and has coined the term “cryptocorn” to describe the blockchain exponential growth. “Cryptocorn” is based off of the term “unicorn” – a word that economists use to describe a rare start-up that achieved $1 billion in returns within a short amount of time. Visit Ian King on facebook for more updates.

All of Ian King’s articles on Medium revolve around the current state and the possible future of cryptocurrencies. His most recent article highlights the exponential growth that blockchain projects are experiencing. He marks the surge of the Bitcoin as a marker of a new era of cryptocurrency markets and how there are a number of benefits blockchain has to provide that the public has yet to look into. King has been an accomplished cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of investment experience. He is the founder of the website, Intellicoins which is dedicated to providing expert analysis, real-time trade data, and live trading webinars for investors.

Before becoming the founder of Intellicoins, Ian King has spent a decade as a head trader at Peahi Capital. He started out as a desk clerk at the Salomon Brothers’ mortgage bond trading department before moving to Citigroup where he looked into credit derivatives. King holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Lafayette College.

King is a senior analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing and is dedicated to helping readers grasp a better understanding of the expanding crypto market. He also works as a contributor to Banyon Hill’s financial magazine- Sovereign Investor Daily. Learn  more:


The Profile of one of Baltimore’s Financial Leaders: Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright is a financial and operations leader with an outstanding background. Kevin Seawright obtained his MBA at Almeda University. He is also a University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business alumni, graduated in Executive Leadership. He began his career serving the City of Baltimore as a Managing Fiscal Officer, and continued his work with the City of Baltimore as the Finance Director for the Department of Housing and subsequently became the C.F.O. for the Department of Recreation and Parks. He also volunteers at the Suffolk Virginia Parks & Recreation Department as a Basketball Coach.

His impressive resume covers over a decade of experience and an accumulated depth of knowledge of finance and the management of personnel. Kevin has always loved public service and used his financial expertise to help communities on the East Coast for over a decade. He has worked as Payroll Director, Finance Director, Budget Manager, and Managing Fiscal Officer; to name a few. Eventually taking the role of Executive Director of Operations for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community. Read more at Markets Insider.

In 2011, Kevin decided to focus on the private sector as he took on the role of Vice President Operations for Tito Contractors; a construction company based in Washington D.C. Today, he works at Real Property Solutions LLC. where he oversees the operations of the company. He is the founder, C.O.O. and managing partner.

Real Property Solutions, LLC. is based in Baltimore, and their focus is on building and renovating properties with the long-term goal of bringing affordable housing to the Baltimore community.

Real Property Solutions works with first time buyers in specific areas of Baltimore. Over the course of the last few years, RPS has been key to increasing the rate of homeownership in the city. When Kevin isn’t working and improving the community, he loves spending time with his daughter.

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