Choosing From Working a Regular Job to Owning a Business Such as Fabletics

People have plenty of choices on how they are going to generate income for themselves. In most cases, they are going to settle for a regular job that pays them just enough for them to pay all of their bills. However, people who want to truly succeed in their lives are going to benefit greatly from starting a business of their own. There are tons of benefits to running a business that people who run a successful business are going to avoid going back to what they were doing before.


One advantage to owning a business is that people will be able to choose the type of industry they want to be in and get started right away. This means people who are interested in the fashion industry can get started. Kate Hudson got to enjoy all of the benefits of running Fabletics from the moment she has decided that she wanted to own a business in the fashion industry. However, she did have to put in the work needed to develop the merchandise and market her brand to people. However, as soon as she has gotten started, she could not stop what she was doing because she was so passionate about it.


Another thing that Kate Hudson has done in order to make sure that her business was a success is network with others in order to find the best way to go. For instance, Kate Hudson has networked with TechStyle owners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in order to learn about the best approach to business so that the brand can have the best success. Among the things she has learned about was how to help people save money. She has also decided with Don and Adam to decide on a membership level program for people to save money on the items they purchase.


One of the best things about owning a business is that people will be more likely to make money while doing something that is meaningful to them. This is a lot different from just slaving away doing a job that seems meaningless to the worker.

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Ted Bauman Helps Millions Of Investors Navigate Wall Street

The secrets of finance are usually held close to the vest by many Wall Street experts. However, one financial guru seeks to demystify the ins and outs of finance by bringing his insight to investors across the globe. That person, Ted Bauman, has brought invaluable knowledge to his readers for years.

Mr. Bauman is the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing, one of the premier financial newsletter publishers in the world. As the author of The Plan B Club, The Bauman Newsletter, and Alpha Stock Alert, Ted Bauman offers many perspectives on how to grow wealth, preserve capital and understand the markets. Today, Mr. Bauman is one of the most widely read financial newsletter writers online.

In a recent profile, Mr. Bauman offered some insights into how he able to regularly author three financial newsletters. When asked about his typical workday, Mr. Bauman revealed that he writes out of his basement office which saves him time from a typical workday commute. He typically writes until 5 PM each day and then attends to his family. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

When asked about his writing process, Ted Bauman emphasizes that research is the key to creating a financial newsletter that provides value and insight to the readers. Typically, Mr. Bauman spends a large amount of time absorbing as much information he can before he starts on his newsletters. The result is an article that is widely read and valued by the reader.

When asked about a book recommendation, Mr. Bauman offered his take on “Capital in the 21st Century” by Thomas Piketty. The book, Mr. Bauman said, is a great analysis of the ever-increasing concentration of wealth by a few individuals. While Mr. Bauman hints that he doesn’t necessarily agree with the thesis of the book, he found the writing to be worth the read.

Ted Bauman has been the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. Prior to that, Mr. Bauman worked for Habitat for Humanity International as their Director of International Housing Programs. In the early 2000s, Mr. Bauman wrote on everything from housing to finance and urban planning issues. His work was commissioned by organizations ranging from the World Bank to the United Nations.

In addition to authoring The Bauman Newsetter, The Plan B Club, and the Alpha Stock Newsletter, Mr. Bauman is also a frequent contributor to Banyan Hill’s free weekly newsletter, The Sovereign Investor Daily.

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Troy McQuagge’s Hope Program Has Become The Soul Of USHEALTH

Troy McQuagge is one of the most well-known persons in the health care industry. Since becoming President and CEO of USHEALTH Group in 2010, he has transformed it into one of the healthcare providers in the industry. Troy has also become known for establishing the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) program. It was one of the first things he did when he took the reins of the then fledging company. The mission of HOPE is to make a positive difference in the lives of everyday people. From its inception, Troy viewed the HOPE program as a vehicle to change the direction of the company, so that helping vulnerable, disadvantaged, and under-resourced communities became a top priority.

The first project undertaken by HOPE volunteers involved the rebuilding of homes in New Orleans. USHEALTH employees collaborated with members of the Phoenix in New Orleans organization to raze and restore homes in the places most devastated by Hurricane Katrina. As a result of the hundreds of man-hours given in this effort, a great many people were able to sleep in a safe and secure space.

In 2011, company leaders gave a considerable amount of clothes, shoes, food, and baby formula to The Crisis Nursery. This is a shelter that helps homeless and vulnerable children. In 2012, executives presented a $25,000 check to HOPEkids Arizona. This is a charity that helps children who suffer from some of the worst diseases. The following year, USHEALTH executives gave $45,000 to a North Texas chapter of HOPEkids that had recently opened up.

Troy McQuagge son’s vision for the HOPE program has been realized thanks to the efforts and energy of the company’s employees. They have responded with vigor and enthusiasm to the program’s call to action. They have given their time, minds, and bodies to various causes. Indeed, employees at all levels and of every position have taken the initiative to set up operations and activities of their own to further the program’s mission.

In short, the HOPE program has changed the culture of the company. It has become the soul of USHEALTH, and as such has helped define it. Visit:


The Principle of the Matter: Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has always been a man to stand behind his principles. He was the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom for four years beginning in 2011 and ending in 2015.

He has been able to bring the countries of Isreal and the United Kingdom closer together during his tenure. He is also a well-known writer and scriptwriter for a television show called HeChatzer. While the road to diplomacy is never a completely smooth one Daniel Taub knows when to take action on his principles. On one such occasion, he did just that.

It all began when Bradford West Prime Minister George Galloway declared the city of Bradford an Israeli free zone in a speech. The outcry after the speech was given was immediate and Daniel Taub knew something had to be done.

Daniel Taub knew that the best way to combat racism and hatred was to take it head on and visit the town for himself. He was invited to the city of Bradford by the people and leaders of the city.

His impression of the city was a very positive one for him and he feels that the view of George Galloway is not the same view as the people of Bradford.

The essence of the visit that Daniel Taub made to Bradford was that people should be coming together in harmony and unison. He felt that the city of Bradford welcomed him warmly and kindly. He said it was important to take all views into consideration and he thinks Bradford is a very nice place.

Daniel Taub went to visit Bradford with tight security and an open mind to the people of the city. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

This is why he was asked to come to the city in the first place. He thinks the battle between pro and anti-Israeli sentiment doesn’t come down to individuals like himself and Galloway it is a matter of the past versus the future for Israel.

Daniel Taub has always been a man to stand for his principles. The visit to the city of Bradford is just one example of how a single man can make a difference by bringing people together instead of trying to tear them apart.

That is whey Daniel Taub felt he had to go to Bradford and see it first hand. He saw a problem and felt he had to do something good in order to be part of the solution.

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Daniel Taub

Elysium Health Promotes a Proactive Approach to Well-Being

Do you know about circadian rhythms? Hint: you can’t play them on a drum.

What about NAD+?

As we age we should learn these terms and if Elysium Health has its way, we will. Learning about circadian rhythms and how NAD+ is essential to  them is certainly a great place to get started on your journey to sustaining your well-being one cell at a time.

Based in New York City, Elysium Health launched in 2014 to help people live healthier, longer.

Elysium Health partners with world-class experts in science and medicine in order to provide clinically tested health products that work, while educating and promoting the need for better understanding of our cellular health.

Elysium Health’s Basis

Our cells contain an important coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). As we age, the levels of NAD+ decrease and the cellular functions it is essential to, such as circadian rhythms, energy creation, and DNA maintenance, tend to break down with that decrease.

Elysium Health’s first product—Basis—has been clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels in our cells, supporting our cellular health as a result. The supplement’s formula was created based on 25 years of prior research.

“The trial results indicate that Basis increases NAD+ levels in a sustained way,” said Leonard Guarente, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and co-founder of Elysium Health.

Basis is designed for long-term use in adults of all ages and contains no animal by-products. Basis is available to purchase on Elysium Health’s website for $60 per individual jar, which contains 60 capsules meant to last for 30 days. Monthly subscriptions to Basis can lower the cost to $40-50 per jar depending on the length of the subscription.

Elysium Health publishes informative articles on its blog. The topics share knowledge of the most recent discoveries and technological advances in health science.

Jeunesse Global Youth Enahncement Products

The Jeunesse company is a visionary company launched in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis – two people after retirement that wanted to share with the world their vision of a thriving life and a sense of youth even in old age.

The Jeunesse Story

Jeunesse is one of the successful business launchings of Randy and Wendy aimed at improvement of life-quality and health of their clients. The company became a global platform of a business network that has numerous distributors everywhere. The company provides a business platform for its members to benefit from while delivering quality products to clients.

Company Products

The Jeunesse products include different lines of products with rejuvenating, beautifying, defending, diminishing, energizing, clarifying, enhancing, balancing, and restoring properties. The products come in the form of cosmetics, skin care products, and natural health supplements. Here are some of the most popular products of the company.

Instantly Ageless

Instantly Ageless is an anti-wrinkle product cream that works quickly to remove the visible signs of aging. The packet includes 5 strips of 5 vials that can be reused. A small amount of the product is placed on the skin without drying it completely. As the product dries out, in a matter of seconds you can see the visible lifting and smoothing of the skin where the cream was placed.


NV is a nourishing product that can be applied in layers to achieve different levels of the airbrush finish effect that it gives. It is a product that is free of phthalate, parabens, sulfates, and talc. You can use it on the go, it has no oil in its ingredients, and is appropriate for all skin tones and types.

The NV three part complex includes a skin primer, foundation and a bronzer to give a professional airbrush finish look to the face. Unlike other cosmetic products, it is completely natural with soothing aloe vera gel in its ingredients. The product leaves the skin moisturized and hydrated and does not compromise the health of your skin for aesthetic quality.

Louis Chenevert and His Achievements at the Global UTC

Louis Chenevert retired from his position of Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in December 2014. That was the position that marked his career and set it out from the rest as his achievements at the company transformed it into a global force in its line of work.

The UTC is a multinational conglomerate that does research, development, and manufacturing of products for a variety of industries. The United Technologies Corporation products aerospace systems, aircraft engines, building systems, HVAC, fire and security systems, escalators, industrial products, among else. The corporation is headquartered in Farmington, Connecticut and was established 84 years ago in 1934 by businessman Frederick Rentschler. In 2016, the UTC had more than 200 000 employees worldwide.

Louis Chenevert graduated from university in his home country Canada from the University of Montreal with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. In 2011 he got his doctorate from HEC Montreal and in 2014 received an award from the Concordia University.

When Louis Chenevert started the business career he spent the first 14 years of it at General Motors, eventually becoming the General production manager. Next, he joined the company of Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1993. At first, he served as the Vice President of Operations, and in 1999 Louis Chenevert was promoted to President.

The next step for Louis Chenevert was in 2006 when he joined the United Technologies Corporation becoming its Chief Operating Officer and President. Louis Chenevert was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2008, and a couple of years later he became Chairman of the Board as well. A year later, Louis Chenevert started serving at the board of Cargill Inc, and from 2011 to 2012 he was Vice Chairman of the Business Council’s Executive committee.

Over the course of his career, many reads have been given to Louis Chenevert for his professional achievements. In 2013 he was distinguished from the United Service Organization. Before that, he has received the Humanitarian Award from 2060 FDNY Fire Commissioner, the Pace Award for Leadership in Business ethics in 2010 and the Honor Award in 2009.

Still, the most significant achievement of Louis Chenevert’s career has been the globalized UTC that will carry on his business legacy and leadership.


Why is Brazil Better Than European Union? According to Igor Cornelsen

The European Union was a great concept – combine a number of different nations, with different languages into one political-economic entity. But, not all great concepts pan out. Why not “read the tea leaves” and turn to Brazil banking expert Igor Cornelsen to diversify out of Europe?

“Some Good Ideas Don’t Work”

The Beta Max technology was actually better than the original VHS technology, but VHS won out for VCRs. The same could be said for Apple operating systems versus the original Microsoft Windows. Sometimes, good ideas do not work in the “real world.”

The same could be said for the European Union. This idea had never been successful before – combine different nations into one government. There had been empires, but not one that promised “that all nations would still be equal.”

“Hemorrhaging European Frustration”

England, Greece, Holland and Italy have all expressed their frustration with the present European Union structure. The European Union continues to suffer from being “too weak” or “too strong.”European economic figure are starting to fall due to low productivity, reduced trade and high debt.

The real job of leaders is to “fix problems.” So far, the Europeans seem to be “kicking the can down the road.” Italy offered a referendum on whether the citizens wanted to reduce the democracy in the nation. Of course, the citizens said “No.” Brexit was a rejection of the entire European Union model.

Wise investors will see that nothing is being fixed in Europe. No matter, your political views on Brazil, at least the government seems to be trying to reform the system. Sometimes, the bad apples need to be removed. Read this article at to know more.

“Brazil Controls Its Currency”

Brazil does not need to ask permission to devalue its currency. All European member states have this decided disadvantage. That’s why nations like England, which kept their own currencies, are still relatively healthy.

Brazil expert Igor Cornelsen can help you determine if there are good stocks or bonds to add to your financial portfolio. While Europe continues with its problems, Brazil might be turning the corner. Brazil estate planner Igor Cornelsen provides answers.

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Jeff Yastine Calls Out Three Amazon Competitors As Great Investments

Joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, Jeff “JL” Yastine is an editorial director who publishes Total Wealth Insider. He has over 20 years of investing experience and as a financial journalist. His monthly publication is on finding companies to invest in that have been overlooked by other investors. His focus is on value stocks that are underappreciated by the market.

In addition to Total Wealth Insider, he also contributes to two other Banyan Hill Publishing newsletters. These are Sovereign Investor Daily and Winning Investor Daily, which he contributes to on a weekly basis. For 16 years he was a correspondent and anchor for PBS Nightly Business Report, during which time he was nominated for an Emmy. During that time he rubbed elbows with some of the giants in the financial industry like Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell, all of whom he had interviewed.

Jeff Yastine had warned investors before both the bear market of 2000 and before the real estate crisis hit in full force in 2007. Among the big national events he has been a reporter for are Hurricane Katrina’s effects on the financial markets and the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill caused by BP. His Emmy nomination occurred in 2007 when he made a report on how the United States underfunded public infrastructure was reaching crisis levels.

Amazon truly dominates the industry of online retailers. Companies are doing their best to compete, including Walmart which recently bought which is an online retailer. Jeff Yastine sees three companies in the industry that he thinks will turn out to be great investments despite competing with Amazon.

Jeff Yastine thinks that Google is eyeing eBay for an acquisition in 2018. Google doesn’t have an online retail arm and eBay would instantly fill that need. He also points to eBay’s national network of fulfillment warehouses which would be an efficient way for Google to compete against Amazon.

Another company he thinks will be a great investment is Kroger Co. People are worried about this company as Amazon enters the B&M grocery business. However, there are around 3,000 Kroger stores across the nation and their focus on organic food makes them very competitive. He thinks their stock is now undervalued.

The last company is Grainger. He says that they have a lot of products and services to offer across many industries. He thinks that because of their vast distribution network they make a great acquisition candidate for another company. For more info, Click here:


Ian King Explains Why Cryptocurrencies Will Continue To Increase In Value

Ian King has been trading cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, for quite a while now. He is also an entrepreneur who has spent over 20 years trading in the stock markets. He is now Banyan Hill Publishing’s foremost expert on the topic of cryptocurrencies and how best to put your money into them.

As an experienced trader in cryptocurrencies, Ian King has developed a platform that regular investors can follow in order to participate in this digital currency market. He shows how to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, and many of the other cryptocurrencies that are out there.

Ian King’s professional career began at Salomon Brothers. He was in the mortgage bond trading department where he served as a desk clerk. His next career stop took place at Citigroup where he became an expert in credit derivatives. He then worked at Peahi Capital as the firm’s head trader for its hedge fund for 10 years.

It was in 2017 that Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing. His goal is to use his experience with cryptocurrencies in order to help average investors make money. He is presently putting together a course, expected to be out by the end of 2018, that will guide other investors when trading these types of assets. View more on Ian King at Stock Twits for more updates.

It was in 2013 that Ian King first heard of Bitcoin. He says that he had a Libertarian friend who owned some of this type of digital currency and who thought it would change the world. Bitcoin is based on blockchain, a type of digital ledger that keeps track of who owns a Bitcoin, or a share of one. As the Libertarian friend explained it, it doesn’t rely on central banks and, in fact, can replace them. It also replaces a lot of government bureaucracy which is highly inefficient.

Bitcoin zoomed ahead in value in 2017 by around 1500%. Ian King says it’s still in the early days and there is plenty of money still to be made in this cryptocurrencies as well as other ones that have been created. He says that one of the best signs is that institutional money is now flowing into these digital currencies which means that the rally can continue for years.

He thinks that the reason people are skeptical about cryptocurrencies is two-fold. One, they can be difficult to wrap your head around. And two, it’s the first time in history that Wall Street didn’t arrive until the party was already in full swing which is very unusual. Learn more: